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Live the Italian Way, Learn Italian in Italy

More and more people all over the world like the Italian language; they do not only wear clothes “Made in Italy”, but have a real interest in the history, traditions, design, food and language of this country.


Sicily, Italy -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2018 -- The overwhelming interest in the Italian language and culture was obvious during the XVIII edition of the Italian Language Week, organized by the Italian Ministry of foreign affairs in cooperation with Accademia della Crusca, Società Dante Alighieri and the Swiss Confederation: from October 15th to 21st 2018 more than 1300 events took place in over 80 countries worldwide with more than 130 embassies, consulates and cultural institutes involved.

The wide variety of initiatives of embassies, consulates and Italian cultural institutes available for everyone interested in learning our language can be found in the Italian Language Portal (

Immediately after the Italian Language Week another important event took place in Rome October 22nd: the third edition of "Stati Generali della Lingua italiana nel mondo". During the previous editions of this event some interesting facts have been discovered: in Australia, for example, Italian is the second most learnt language, and about 400 US American universities host Italian language departments.

The Language Week has turned out to be the most important event for promoting the Italian language abroad, with hundreds of initiatives all over the world.

Many international citizens consider the possibility of learning Italian in Italy.

Italian courses in Italy are in fact an excellent opportunity for young people and adults over 50 from all over the world to learn the Italian language or perfect their language abilities, combining a study holiday with a touristic experience.

The main advantage of studying Italian in Italy is that the student is surrounded by the Italian language during the entire journey. While sightseeing the student can practice all he or she has learnt during the lessons in everyday life.

Learning Italian in Italy is therefore an important step to living the Italian way all over the world: an enriching experience that is so much more than just language study. Learning Italian develops to living the country's history, traditions and lifestyle.

All lections are combined with some excursions to the most beautiful artistic and architectonic places in Italy.

All social and cultural activities that accompany the lectures are also held in Italian, enabling the student to live a total immersion, not only linguistic, but concerning the entire Italian way of life.

Apart from this, nearly all Italian language schools in Italy offer special "extra" courses, a real language study holiday: cooking sessions, food and wine degustation, ceramics courses, hiking and trekking, or even diving courses to obtain the PADI certificate.

If you want to live 100% the Italian way, you should definitely combine a wonderful holiday in Italy with a study abroad program to learn Italian in one of the language schools in Italy.