Aava Dental

Local Dental Company Practicing Relaxing Treaments to Ease Nervous Patients

Using aromatherapy, music, and more, one dental company is making the dentist a happier place.


Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/11/2013 -- Many people are terrified of the dentist – the drills, the anesthesia, the pain – so much so that they put their health in danger by delaying necessary treatments. But one company has a way to ease even the most nervous patient, and there are no drugs involved.

Aava Dental, with 11 locations (http://www.aavadental.com/locations/) and counting in LA and Orange County, provides a calming experience for the weary patient. Each visit offers aromatherapy, customized iPods with relaxing white-noise or music of choice, paraffin-wax hand treatments, soothing warm towels for your hands & face, and wonderful chair-side manner from the dentist.

Of course if you are not a nervous patient, these practices will simply provide a spa-like experience while in the dental chair. And in addition to providing a relaxing experience, Aava Dental also offers lifetime free whitening, discounts for the uninsured, and evening & weekend appointments.

Dr. George Kang, President of Aava Dental and a dentist himself, explains why his company is the future of dental for the nervous patient: “With proven homeopathic methods of relaxation such as hand paraffin treatments and aromatherapy, we are able to reduce the stress of our patients. By fooling the senses with noise cancelling headsets of your favorite or calming music, your appointment will not smell, sound or feel like a traditional appointment.”

With Aava Dental offering an alternative to the traditional dental experience, patients now do not have to put off their necessary procedures out of fear. Dr. Kang hopes this will lead to better overall health for all dental patients: “It is well known you should see your dentist every 6mos for a cleaning & checkup. With our spa culture and environment, our patients look forward to their appointment which leads to better preventative care. Even if a root canal is needed, with Aava Dental, it’s not the scary experience most might think. Quite honestly, many of our patients fall asleep during our treatments.”

For more info on the company, visit us at http://www.aavadental.com/ or to schedule an interview, please contact Heather Wethington at 949/450-0076

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