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Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help Eliminated Debt and StopForeclosure in California

Consumer Action Law Group Bankruptcy Attorneys provide free bankruptcy advice for California residents who want to file bankruptcy to stop foreclosure and eliminate unsecure debts!


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/15/2015 -- California has been one of the top states with the highest unemployment rates and mortgage debts. After the recent crash of the housing market left many consumers financially helpless. With the highest unemployment rates in recent year's means many residents have no income to pay old debts. Consumers living in California and who need legal assistance with eliminating debt can get immediate assistance from attorneys at Consumer Action Law Group. This law firm has expert bankruptcy attorneys that can help eliminate debt and save home from being foreclosed. The Los Angeles Bankruptcy attorney help homeowner by eliminating debt withChapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Filing bankruptcy can be difficult but offers great protection and other benefits for individuals in a financial crisis from creditors. Los Angeles bankruptcy attorneys at Consumer Action Law Group help individuals eliminate debt and can stop foreclosure sale. Bankruptcy attorney Los Angeles, Lauren Rode is devoted to helping individuals stop auto repossessions and foreclosures daily. Lauren Rode is dedicated to eliminating personal loans such as: medical bills, credit card and other debts,and stopping foreclosures. The method used for eliminating debt is filing chapter 13 bankruptcy. Consumer Action Law Group colleagues provide legal advice for free to individuals considering stopping foreclosures by filing for bankruptcy, and are also skilled at recovering repossessed cars.

Consumer Action Law Group is an innovative law firm located in Los Angeles with many talented Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyers that are well-educated with bankruptcy law,focus on eliminating debts, and stop foreclosure sales. With Chapter 13 homeowner has to availability to re-pay for the mortgage and any additional payments to catch up.

The law firm also offers consumers a free case evaluation to educate borrowers on the difference between Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy and how to stop foreclosure by filing bankruptcy.Consumer Action Law Group has provide excellent customer service to consumers located in California by spending the necessary time to understand a client's situation and provide the best advice to relieve their financial situation.

Anyone who want to know more about Chapter 13 bankruptcy and how a foreclosure can be postpone can contact Consumer Action Law Group by calling (818) 254-8413 or visit

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Consumer Law Action Group is a law firm with offices in Los Angeles, dealing with consumer issues such as wrongful foreclosure, auto dealer fraud, and employer violations. The attorneys within Consumer Law Action Group focus on lender litigation, bankruptcy, and lawsuits against car dealers, as well as claims against employers who violate labor laws.

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