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Los Angeles Screenwriters, Producers & Other Media Entrepreneurs Meet Weekly to Master New Skills


Santa Monica, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/24/2015 -- Screenwriters, producers, and other media entrepreneurs master new skills weekly in face-to-face and conference call events in Santa Monica.

Writer/Producer Nancy Fulton, who organizes the events, says "Over the last year or so, the group has grown to well over 5000 people, and in the last six months or so well over half this number have turned up for face to face or conference call events."

She continues "I think what sets the meetings apart is that they are very informative, very practical, and they are designed to meet the needs of proactive creative professionals. We have lectures, we provide written session notes, we go into the specifics of things like how to raise money from investors through a Regulation D Private Placement, or how to swiftly get distribution for a film on Netflix, Hulu, and Cable. Folks come away from meetings with detailed lists of things to do and vetted resources they can actually use. And the meetings only cost a few bucks. It's not like these are hundred dollar events. We offer some free sessions as part of our outreach, some events cost $5, some cost $5/hour for a 3 or 4 hour session. You can see we aren't breaking anyone's bank. We do charge because it makes sustaining the events possible and it also helps ensure people who come to meetings are working pros or people serious about breaking in."

Some past events have covered:

How to Quickly and Profitably Publish a Book
How to Legally Raise Money from Investors
Swiftly & Cost Effectively Creating iPhone and Android Apps
Effective Search Engine, Social Media, and Mass Media Marketing
An Introduction to The Method for Writers: How Actors Learn to Act
Where to Get Donations, Grants, Loans & Investors for Creative Projects
The Language of Persuasion, Motivation (and Propaganda)
What's a Producer to Do: A Film Producer's Task List
Film Budgets, Breakdowns, and Cash Flows
How to Happily, Effectively, Network
Intellectual Property Right Fundamentals for Creative People & Those Who Hire Them

Some comments on recent meetings include:

"Invaluable introduction to publishing. The session covered so much territory - well organized and presented." H. Brown

"This was an extraordinary session. David was so enthusiastic and clear on the material. Best networking info I have ever had." W. Balch

"Super! SUPER!!! Learned so much," D. Deppisch

"Nancy offered powerful info for interpreting—and writing—visual signals. I was able to confirm that some of these behaviors are accurate by reflecting on my own responses, and those of people that I know tend to lie, or speak with sincerity. She also gave many helpful pointers for verbally connecting with people in meetings and sales presentations. I have already applied some of these tips while engaging with clients. Thanks, Nancy!" Melissa

"Amazing - It was concise and very intriguing! I look forward to future meetups!" S. Arauz

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About Nancy Fulton
Nancy Fulton is a professional writer/producer living and working in Santa Monica. To learn more about her work visit and

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