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Made-Rite's Snap-on Baseboards Have the Potential to Save Millions This Termite Season

No System is as Cost-efficient, Easy to Use, and Aesthetically Pleasing in Combatting Termites as Snap-on Baseboards


Kaneohe, HI -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/11/2016 -- With termite season coming, there's no better time than now to make preparations for the devastation that makes its way indiscriminately into countless homes around the world. Annually, termites in the US cause over $11 billion in damage. In Florida alone, they rack up a whopping $500 million bill! It's within the climate of this kind of havoc that Zane Watson created his first Snap-on Baseboards and formed what would eventually become Made Rite, Inc. Though originally designed with Florida and Hawaii in mind, Zane has realized the need for termite solutions across the country and the globe as attention (and demand) for his product has steadily grown – taking on the interest of groups as diverse as legislators and every day homeowners to mega corporation CFOs and local contractors.

What makes Snap-on Baseboards so unique is it's economical, practical, and effective approach to termites all wrapped up into one recyclable, long-lasting, easy to use product. Many folks aren't aware of the simple fact that the most common kind of termite found in North America is one that finds its way into the innermost structuring of our homes via subterraneous means. One of the main problems with subterranean termites is that they enter your home unseen and remain unchecked until the home shows signs of structural damage – in which case the damage is often catastrophic and could have easily been deterred if caught early on. Found in 49 of the 50 states, these critters can regularly be seen at the point where wall meets floor and this key point of access to the rest of the house is exactly where Snap-on Baseboards do their magic. By having near instant access to the bottom of the walls, owners of buildings – whether they be residential or commercial – can thwart the advances of termites and effectively save untold amounts of money by taking this simple precautionary step.

Aesthetically pleasing, Snap-on Baseboards can be easily installed with only a hack saw and screw gun. No nail guns, chop saws, or other expensive and cumbersome tools are necessary – and no more messy glue either! Snap-ons also include the following features:

- Will not absorb moisture
- Pre-Finished, but paintable
- Easy to change out cables
- Matching inside and outside corner clips
- No more wall damage when removing trim for termite or mold inspection

There is much to be gained from a rise in Snap-ons' popularity. From retailers selling Snap-ons to laborers and contractors getting to replace old systems with the new innovation and building owners saving money and gaining peace of mind – everyone wins!

So what's kept Snap-ons from becoming totally mainstream? Owner and founder Zane explains: "While we are steadily making progress, we need to secure bigger contracts that will enable us to carry these in every major hardware store across the country so that we can expand our reach in saving consumers and contractors alike time, stress, energy and money. The dollar and labor amount that can be recovered by all parties involved is simply astounding and – with more backing – we know in time this will become a reality."

With hopes to move beyond patents and manufacturing into heavier distribution and offering installation services, Made Rite has the potential to change the game for residential and commercial buildings alike when it comes to dealing with termites. contains valuable information regarding Snap-ons abilities in combatting infestation as well as its other everyday functions.

About Made Rite
Made Rite introduces Snap-on Baseboards – the patented snap-on baseboard system. This two-part system creates a covered channel behind the outer baseboard profile that clips to the wall-attached inner profile. The baseboard can be removed and replaced at will for wall inspection, or access and updates to a variety of electrical and data cables. Snap-on Baseboards are easy to install and convenient anywhere termite inspection is necessary. In addition to serving as a pathway for wiring systems, they also aid in preventing permanent flood damage to lower wall areas. Once purchased, this system will provide a lifetime of use and benefits that no other baseboard offers.

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