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Maine Advisor Offers Tourism Guide for Fall Activities Throughout Maine

As Maine enters the fall season, Maine Advisor provides a newly updated seasonal guide to activities throughout the state so tourists can make the best of what Maine has to offer.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2013 -- Maine is known as a state of almost unmatched pastoral beauty, and during the summer it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in America. However, as the state enters fall, many of its rarest and most beautiful opportunities go unseen by many tourists. Maine Advisor is a tourist guidance site that aims to change that, by promoting the activities and amenities of the great state all year round.

With the recent update of their website, Maine Advisor have done their bit for Maine Tourism by promoting the unique things the state has to offer, from wildlife to nightlife, beaches to forests. The site has given special consideration to those making their thanksgiving holiday plans, for whom Maine would make an ideal destination.

The Acadia national park provides some of the most stunning fall views in all of the United States, as well as the chance to see wild deer and other wildlife in the last fervent rush to feed up before winter arrives.

The site even caters to those who are considering a permanent move to Maine, with a real estate section that offers the latest properties for sale and rent to a nationwide audience.

A spokesperson for Maine Advisor explained, “With the Fall coming, some activities will naturally fall out of favor. We will obviously not recommend trips to the beach as the temperature starts to fall, or outdoor activities in the evening when the nights are drawing in. Fall offers many advantages, as the state is quieter on the tourist front and there are certainly less children, and the off-season leads to better rates on accommodation and activities. There are also exclusive and breathtaking natural views as the leaves turn golden, and there are numerous fall fairs, holidays and festivals exclusive to the season, including of course Halloween. It’s a great time to discover this great state.”

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