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Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation Is Transformed by Organic Sediment Removal Systems

10 Small Ponds Are Magically Transformed to Usher Trout Back to their Home


Necadah, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/09/2016 -- One of the quickest ways to recognize the health and vitality of a park or nature center is to look to the water. The ponds, lakes, and streams of a particular region demonstrate the fish population and other water creatures. Obviously, the absence of a fish or other animal life is an indicator of a problem, and that was precisely the issue at Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation in Elgin, Illinois just a few short months ago. Fortunately, they knew just who to call, and when Organic Sediment Removal Systems arrived on the scene, they were ready to help right away. A spring fed the connection of 10 small ponds, which had been plagued by sediment. Ultimately, the ponds were uninhabitable by the trout, requiring OSR to remove 2 feet of sediment, and effectively increase the ponds' water capacity by a whopping 200%.

Customers are naturally drawn to the expertise of Organic Sediment Removal Systems, based in Wisconsin, because of their substantial experience in the industry. Not only have they been cleaning ponds, lakes, and other bodies of water for 26 years, they were the pioneers of the system they use today. That process is characterized by a combination of two things: a hydraulic system that uses suction removal, and divers to pinpoint the problem areas. In this way, they have effectively avoided the damage that heavy equipment can do to the landscaping. In essence, they are able to remove sediment without causing any environmental damage to the pond or its surroundings – a welcome feature for any landowner.

"Helping out the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation was a task we took on with great pride. It is especially meaningful to help bring wildlife back to the pond and make it livable again," expressed General Manager Rich Kohutko. "When we finished that project, we were happy to see the staff breathe a sigh of relief and watch as smiles spread across their faces, because they were simply ecstatic to have their pond functioning once again."

About Organic Sediment Removal Systems, LLC
Organic Sediment Removal Systems, LLC began in 1990, as a unique system to remove organic sediment from the bottom of ponds in an effort to restore them to their natural beauty. They work hard to remove muck, a substance that seals off the entire bottom of a pond, effectively clogging springs and stopping and ground flow of fresh water, leaving it stagnant and dying. The organic sediment is removed with a hydraulic system and divers, and is reused as top dressing and landscaping on site.