Maxi Creators Achieves Kickstarter Crowd Funding Goal to Introduce Content for Kids That Science and Spiritual Wisdom Affirms Essential for Well Being

Maxi Creators is dedicated to creating books, toys, music, apps, and videos. The company has just crossed the Kickstarter funding goal for the launch of their first book titled ‘I have Super Powers...And So Do You’ Making a habit in Little Ones to use Intellectual Factors Constructively.


Chihuahua, Mexico -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2017 -- Maxi Creators is pleased to announce that their recently launched Kickstarter campaign has just achieved the funding goal of $6,000. The company committed to creating books, toys, music, apps. The artistic products from Maxi Creators are also suitable for teenagers and adults.

Maxi Creators operates with a vision to create an identity around the world by delivering quality artistic material and content. The company's maiden product is a children's book titled 'I have Super Powers...And So Do You.' In this colourful picture book, Tony the narrator tells a story that celebrates imagination, intuition, reason and so on. Together text and prose create a book of inspiration and guidance that children will enjoy and benefit from.

The founder of Maxi Creators, C. Alva is a proud mother of two boys who has worked as a teacher and psychotherapist for children, teens and adults in private and public Institutions. Her interest in children's books started while working as a first grade teacher in the suburbs of Chicago. C.Alva holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology in Mexico and a Master and a Diploma in Expressive Arts Therapy in Switzerland and Denmark.

She studied very close the material of Carl Gustav Jung, Gestalt psychology, Brief Therapy, took a diploma on Children and Teenagers Gestalt Therapy and Dance Therapy in Guadalajara, Mexico. Was a part of Lola Lince Experimental Dance Company as an amateur dancer, she likes to call herself as a Multimodal Artist. On her spiritual quest she studied the Bible, the writings of Alan Watts, Krishnamurti, Budah, The Tao, Yi Ching, Carl Sagan and she studied psyco-magic and psycho-chamanism with Alejandro Jodorowsky, and last but not least she studied the laws of the universe applied to human change with many book and teachings of Bob Proctor.

Talking about her upcoming book, C. Alva says, "This book was created to help children to know and understand their intellectual factors and how to use them constructively to go after and achieve what they want, with a positive and relax state of mind."

Maxi Creators started their Kickstarter campaign with an initial funding target of $3,000 for finishing the book and getting it printed. Having already raised $6000, they will now be able to take part in the Brooklyn Book Festival in mid-September and the International Book Fair (FIL) in Guadalajara, Mexico in November. If they manage to raise $12,000 via Kickstarter, Maxi Creators will start the promotion and distribution of the second book "Being Grateful Rocks!". Making a habit to feel grateful.

To find out more about this campaign, please visit The website of Maxi Creators is

About Maxi Creators
Maxi Creators is a company committed to creating artistic contents such as books, toys, music, apps, and videos. Their central messages are based on what scientific studies and ancient spiritual wisdom has found and thought to be essential to well-being.