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With the aging process, the capability of a person to take care of himself is lost. The youngsters want to take care, but can't due to busy schedules. The caretakers from MEDrelief Care services solve this problem of young as well as old persons.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2015 -- MEDRelief Care Services: Giving our elders gift of companionship

Body- Research and studies quote that about 6 million people in the US are above the age of 85. After reaching a certain age, the parents need more care and attention than toddlers. Nowadays, not the childcare but the elder care is the most burning issue. As the lives of people have become fast-paced, long office hours have replaced the time, the children should give to their parents. This absence of child for a parent is filled by the caregivers from MEDRelief care services. The oldsters are comfortable at the home and can be best treated there. Therefore, the caregivers take care of them at the comfort of their houses.

A report from Metlife Mature Market Institute state that only 10 million people of the whole world population who are above the age of 50 care for their parents. Hence, the number of the caretakers has tripled from the initial count since last 15 years. Without any shadow of a doubt, the medical advancement has increased the longevity of humans but there are certain diseases which are still incurable. One of the diseases is dementia. The dementia is a disorder of neurons. When the neurons lose connection with other brain cells or die, dementia occurs. The dementia is a state where the elderly person loses his ability to recollect things, or ability to remember or reason as well as a drastic change is observed in the behavior. The victims of dementia lose the control on their emotions and may suffer a personality change. The disease dementia is the disease commonly occurring in the age of 85 or above. As many elderly persons are becoming victims of incurable dementia, the caregivers at MEDRelief care services stand with the golden-agers in their tough times. The staff has knowledge about the disease and is well trained to handle the patients of dementia. The patients show different characteristics during the different stages of dementia. Therefore, the caregiver staff should be well aware of the symptoms and signs of all the stages and should know how to handle them. There are many other diseases like dementia which are common among the senior citizens. These diseases are Alzheimer, Parkinson and many other chronic illnesses. Parkinson like dementia has many variations which are easily identifiable by the efficient staff of MEDRelief care services. The reports states that 80% of old people have one chronic disorder while 50% of them suffer from two chronic disorders. Therefore, the staff of the caregiving agency pairs the caregivers with the senior citizens according to their chronic conditions.

About Compassionate Care by MEDRelief
Compassionate Care by MEDRelief along with the treatment of chronic disorders also give suggestions for the cure of diabetes and for fall prevention. The caregiving agency provides its home care services in Harris, Galveston and many other places.

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