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Metallic Elephant Offers Pneumatic Hot Foil Machines Designed to Deliver Consistent Performance


Colchester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/24/2022 -- Metallic Elephant, a well-renowned provider of dies, offers pneumatic hot foil machines that ensure consistency of performance. With great design, decades of practical experience and robust manufacturing processes, their hot foil stamping machines are built to achieve perfect results. Their machines can print designs for a wide range of flat items like bags, hoodies, t-shirts, banners, blankets, mousepads, and ceramic tiles, among others. Their hot foil machines are used extensively by retailers looking to personalise high-end leather goods and other products for customers in-store.

With their hot foil stamping machines, users can be confident that their machines are user-friendly and made to last, have in-built safety features and come with comprehensive instructions. The company provides machines that can be used in a diverse range of printing solutions for both promotional and industrial marking applications and point of sale personalisation. Shops and individuals looking to buy pneumatic hot foil machines can go to Metallic Elephant's website for more information.

A representative from the company stated, "If you are hot foil printing large items or lengthy runs, a pneumatic machine (air machine) may be the ideal solution you need. Pneumatic hot foil stamping machines deliver the same results consistently, no matter how large your hot foil requirements may be. With printed circuit boards becoming obsolete, we can install PLC control systems for more accurate run time control and put life back into old pneumatic machines."

Metallic Elephant is one of the most respected providers of hot foil dies and hot foil machines. The organisation has a team of expert professionals who strive hard to help their customers find the perfect products that fulfil their needs. The company has carved a massive reputation for providing top-quality products at highly competitive prices. In addition to pneumatic hot foil machines, the organisation also provides brass dies, letterpress, magnesium hot foil dies, hot stamping foils, KSF machines, KSF mini machines, reconditioned machines, pneumatic machines and more.

About Metallic Elephant
Metallic Elephant is a family-owned business in the UK that provides both hot foil dies and hot foil machines for businesses. The company's heritage is derived from a world of craftsmanship, engineering and a passion for traditional skills that yield high-quality products. The organisation has assembled a team of dedicated, skilled craftsmen and engineers at their factory where engineering tradition meets state-of-the-art innovation. Their founders have over 20 years of experience in the field ensuring the highest standards of quality and service in everything they do.

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