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MMOify Releases List of 7 Most Hotly Anticipated MMO Games of 2015


Brea, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2014 -- With 2015 still a long way off, it seems a bit premature to start talking about the games that will be released next year. However, the staff of MMOify, a website for massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs), disagrees. The website has published its definitive “Best MMORPG 2015 List.”

According to Sophie Davis, MMOify editor, many gamers enjoy reading about upcoming games. MMORPGs are particularly known for their long development cycles so it is not unusual for a game to be released years after it was first announced. Therefore, there are quite a few games that players have been waiting a long time for.

“It’s true that it’s a bit crazy to be looking so far ahead but I know for a fact that there are tons of people who are just waiting for these games to come out. There are many who want to be the first to play a certain game even before it is open to the general public which is why signups for closed beta testing is sometimes open one year before the expected release date,” said Davis.

Closed beta testing is a phase of software development in which the developers release an early version of the software, in this case an online game, to be tested by a select group of people. This is done to gather feedback about the game as well as to find and fix any bugs. People who sign up for closed beta testing are mostly those who are most interested in the game.

“We hope that this list will help people find the newest and hottest upcoming MMO games,” said Davis.

The article includes basic information about each MMORPG, the expected release dates, and, most importantly, links to the official websites where interested gamers can sign up for regular updates or register for closed beta testing.

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