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Mobile Tweaks Publishes New Information on Android and Apple's Latest Developments

Mobile Tweaks has published new news editorials explaining the latest movements from rivals Android and Apple, with expert insight on how these moves may affect the future tech market.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2014 -- Mobile phones have evolved rapidly over the last ten years, and the innovation shows no sign of slowing. The latest developments come so thick and fast that sometimes it can be hard for consumers to keep track, and with competing manufacturers trying to outdo each other, a handset from one developer could be obsolete just months later as their competitor outshines them. To keep on top of this fevered market, Mobile Tweaks offers insight not just into the present market but into the future developments of major manufacturers, and has just published new information on both Android and Apple’s plans for 2015.

In a new editorial, they describe how Apple’s latest iPad will finally get the screen size increase people have been looking for, to catch up with other tablet manufacturers like Samsung and Sony. The iPad will also include a fingerprint sensor similar to the latest iPhones, and up to 128GB of internal storage. The editorial explains the new developments will be officially announced later this month.

They have also published a story on Android One, and how Google is looking to create a single, more unified presentation for its phone based operating system more in keeping with the cross-device consistency Apple’s iOS is famed for. Far from being aimed at existing manufacturers, the chief support for this project has been from hardware developers, suggesting a new revolution is around the corner.

A spokesperson for MobileTweaks explained, “Both of these stories represent exciting developments and ones that will have major influence on investing decisions on both a business and consumer scale. Android One has computer and processor manufacturers lining up for a potential entry into the tablet or even smartphone markets, and this could see Apple’s incremental changes, already behind what other companies have already released, be far too little too late.”

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