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Mod Girl Marketing Launches New Website for Los Angeles Startup, iDrive

Website designed to help keep drunk drivers off of the roads of Los Angeles.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2013 -- In spite of laws and vastly increased enforcement, drunk driving is still a leading killer of Americans. iDrive, a new LA startup, is dedicated to keeping the roads of Los Angeles safe with their “drive your car home for you” service created specifically for the nightlife crowd.

Although the company is expected to launch by mid October, the iDrive website,, created by Mod Girl Marketing, is live and allows users to calculate their fare home, so they can easily make the decision to do the right thing and stay out from behind the wheel. Knowing the cost to get home and comparing that to a potential thousands of dollars drunk driving ticket or a deadly car crash can make a simple decision even easier.

"Developing the iDrive site has been a lot of fun for my team. We developed the website using the popular platform Wordpress. Our developers also created a custom fare calculator for iDrive customers so they can quickly see how much iDrive will cost them to get home safely" – Mandy McEwen, CEO, Mod Girl Marketing

Mod Girl Marketing was chosen to create the iDrive website for their professionalism, as well as their community awareness. For the folks at Mod Girl, it was an honor to be able to help create something that has the likelihood of saving lives, not only of the people using the service, but also of hundreds of innocent drivers and pedestrians whose lives might be in jeopardy if someone who is drunk drove home.

“Every aspect of the site is mobile-friendly, as many of iDrive customers will be accessing the website from their mobile devices, while they are out at a bar or event in LA. We thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and hope iDrive's customers enjoy the website as much as we do!" – Mandy McEwen, CEO, Mod Girl Marketing

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