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Modern Day Marketing Tactic: SEO Ties Up with Social Media Marketing - A Result Driven Approach

Traditionally, it always has been the television, radio and print ad campaigns that marketers use to promote brand awareness. Search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM) drastically change how marketers establish brand awareness and visibility online.


Suwanee, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2014 -- Nowadays, the World Wide Web is populated with people of different ages, demographic profile and economic status – a great place to do what marketers love indeed. The introduction of the modern digital marketing tools and the social media platforms greatly affects how people interact with one another.

SEO helps marketers uphold a firm market positioning in digital branding. With an effective approach on optimizing the brand on search engines, the brand increases its online visibility. Next to the social media giants, search engines are what people interact with online. That being said, search engine is a great place to market products and services, the competition here is tough though.

SEO also has an observable impact on digital branding. The modern approach to SEO is the one that aims to catch a group of consumers’ eyes to recognize and be familiar with a brand to achieve an overwhelming success in the digital arena.

SMM significantly change the brand marketing game and made the digital marketing industry even more competitive. Digital branding is getting more dependent on social suggestions and human interaction prior to introducing products and services to the consumers.

It is an internet marketer’s goal to raise brand visibility on the internet while coming up with the most effective social media brand marketing campaign that will make a brand recognized to the social media community, making it relevant and significant to the consumers or target audience.

Having an effective SEO strategy in unison with the SMM campaign is a result-driven approach on brand marketing. Brand marketing should include more targeted traffic coming from search engine results to establish a stronger online reputation.

In a survey made by Microsoft, it appears that there is a significant connection between the appearance of a brand in the search results page and the ability of a search engine user to recall such brand. Therefore, brands appearing high on the search engine results page (SERP) are likely to be noticeable among the search engine users.

Social channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube make it more convenient for consumers to search for products and services. Brand awareness grows through word of mouth, recommendation, feedback, social mentions, and comments of brand followers across the social media sites. Social search is the new trend for the consumers to find the products and services they need and they are likely affected by the suggestions of the social media group they are in. What this means to a marketer’s brand marketing strategy is that it is a must for a business to have a social media account promote social shares to give the business an optimized social media web presence.

The approach to SEO may constantly change and requires a well-thought digital marketing plan for the online promotion of a business brand while using social signals to boost the brand’s web search visibility. This is may sound complex but fear not, Silver Web Solutions, an SEO company in Atlanta is here to help you in your SEO and SMM campaign.

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