Mommy Blogger Launches Vacuum Cleaner Review Site to Make It Easy for Fellow Busy Moms to Pick the Best Vacuum Cleaners


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2013 -- "With so many vacuum cleaner brands and each claiming to be the best, coming up with the best vacuum cleaner selection is like looking for a needle in a haystack", says Jayne. Being a mom with a young kid can sometimes be frustrating but with two? Everyday is a nightmare and your house always looks like a war zone regardless how frequent you try to tidy things up. Being a mother of two young children, Jayne understands that while a good vacuum cleaner that works is the dream of every busy mom, the task of selecting one is frustrating. A full-time mom turned blogger, Jayne wants to make it easy for fellow busy moms to select the best vacuum cleaner that works best for their needs. blog author, Jayne, understands the tough life that every mother with young kid(s) has to go through. Every child is different and there is no single parenting formula that works for all. To make matters worse, kids of different ages are in different stage of development and emotional swings are common. They can be at their best behavior at one instant and turn into a little monster at the next instant. "When you have a young kid in the house, to be able to sit peacefully in front of your computer for more than 5 minues is considered a luxury", says Jayne.

When it comes to vacuum cleaner, best is not absolute. "What works for me does not necessarily work for you", says Jayne. There are several important factors that one has to consider in making a vacuum cleaner selection.

One important consideration is the type of flooring that the vacuum cleaner is designed for. If one has timber floorings at home, candidates for the best vacuum cleaner are naturally those that have been optimally designed to work on wood floorings. If one has carpet floorings at home, the list of candidates may be entirely different and certain models are entirely unsuitable to be used on carpet surfaces.

The other crucial consideration is the age of the child. For a mom with young child who is only starting to crawl, the best vacuum cleaners are those that can get rid of all the germs and bacteria unseen. They may be unseen to the naked eyes but they are potently harmful. The use of chemical to get rid of these harmful elements is not uncommon but it comes with its own set of drawbacks such as the high maintenance effort required.

Water-based steam cleaner is increasingly popular but without knowing exactly what steam-based vacuum cleaner can and cannot do, many consumers find themselves disappointed with their purchases. "Many vacuum manufacturers tend to amplify the benefits of their solutions from narrow angle and play down the limitations that come with them", according to Jayne.

Given the competitive nature of the vacuum cleaner industry, aggressive marketing campaign tactics are unavoidable and they are here to stay. But the problem is the majority of the consumers do not have the luxury to do their fair share of study and analysis. Being a mom with two young kids, Jayne understands the plight that her peers have to go through. With her recently launched blog, Jayne hopes to make it easy for fellow busy moms to select the best vacuum cleaner that works best for their needs.

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VacuumCleanerAssistant.Com is a blog dedicated to provide easy to understand guide when it comes to vacuum cleaner selection. As a mother of two young children and having gone through the painful experience in selecting a good vacuum cleaner herself, Jayne shares the important aspects that one should consider before making their selection.

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