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Mr Tags to Release as One of the Best Online Shopping Store in Sri Lanka

Online store Mr Tags planning to hit the Sri Lankan market and provide top quality products at the best prices possible.


Colombo, Sri Lanka -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2013 -- Mr Tags, a newly launched online store based on Sri Lanka, is planning to provide the Sri Lankan individuals with one of the best online shopping stores there is. The ecommerce website, which is accessible at, seeks to provide their customers with the best deals when it comes to various products they are looking for.

The founder of the ecommerce website has created the website in an effort to provide Sri Lankan individuals with a wide array of products which they are looking for online but can’t purchase them in a friendly price because of some other factors like the shipment fee. Also, it is the mission of the site to provide a secured and hassle free online store with is customer-centered, while providing exceptional shopping experience at the same time.

“It is mainly our focus to provide our customers with possibly the best deals they just couldn’t find somewhere else online,” said the founder of the site. “Mr Tags is simply the solution for those who want to purchase products like fashion accessories, clothing, home and kitchen items, mobiles and tablets, electronics, toys and games, outdoor accessories and a whole lot more at a cheaper.”

“Other than that, it is also the purpose of the site to simplify an individual’s online shopping experience while giving him that experience he won’t surely forget. You might be wondering how we can make that happen. The answer is simple – we just provide them with items which are affordable and of high quality at the same time. Say, those things which are not accessible since they are located in some faraway places. We basically get those things way more accessible for them.”

An assortment of products available

Mr Tags is proud to announce that they have a lot of products and items available for everyone to purchase. Some of these products would include:

- Men’s clothing
- Women’s clothing
- Footwear
- Fashion accessories
- Cookware and cutlery
- Computers and add-ons
- Mobile phones
- Tablets
- Personal hygiene products
- Beauty and body care
- Toys and games
- And a whole lot more!

Mr Tags promises its customers to not keep them from waiting once they have successfully purchased an item from them. To make that happen, they will send an email to a customer upon a successful checkout to inform him that the order is on the way. Other than that, delivery options are likewise available. They even handle international delivery, meaning that even those outside of Sri Lanka can benefit from their products and service.

About Mr Tags
Mr Tags is an ecommerce platform which makes it possible for individuals, especially those in Sri Lanka, purchase the items they are looking for in a quick and convenient manner. Other than that, the site also offers affordable prices which every individual can surely take advantage of.

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