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MSE Supplies Offers High-Quality Materials and Equipment Such as Glass Cutting Tools, ITO Glass and Graphene

MSE Supplies, a supplier of glass cutting tools, Ito glass, graphene, chemicals, and other materials to research laboratories and companies worldwide.


Tucson, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2021 -- MSE Supplies is a scientist's and engineer's choice when there is a need for high-quality materials, equipment, and chemicals for research and production. They provide both quality and custom made products and solutions to meet the different needs of customers. MSE Supplies' quality products and services have endeared them to over 2000 research laboratories and innovative companies globally. The company offers to science and engineering organizations reliable technical support. This enables them eliminate wasted time and efforts in sourcing materials, equipment, and analytical services. More so, it helps them stay focused on important tasks than demanding tasks, which in turn gives way for innovation.

In response to a query about their services, the spokesperson of MSE Supplies commented, "We are a corporate member of the American ceramic. Our business operations and logistics team is made up of experienced professionals who provide friendly, timely support and services to our customers. Our global customer base comprises of over 2000 research universities, national laboratories as well as technological start-ups and fortune 500 companies that we support and help take their innovations to the next level."

MSE Supplies offers precision glass and wafer cutters to customers. They are the highest precision lab scale glass and wafer cutters that give the best possible edge quality after cutting. These cutting tools have an ergonomic design that makes it easy for users to easily cut large size glass, semiconductor wafers, and crystal substrates into smaller bits. The cutters can be equipped with diamond cutting wheel or a carbide as this will ensure the user makes a clean break along the scribe line. Customers who want to buy glass cutting tools can reach out to MSE Supplies.

The spokesperson of MSE Supplies further commented, "Our products and services include but not limited to: (A-Z) single crystals, wafers and substrates, gallium nitride substrates and wafers, silicon carbide wafers, high purity crucibles, customized sputtering targets, and materials characterization analytical services. We also give a 10% discount to customers who are buying from us for the first time and our prices are one of the best on offer in the market."

In addition, MSE Supplies offers customers free samples of ITO substrate when they make a request for preliminary testing. This indium tin oxide (ITO) is one of the most commonly used transparent conducting oxides, and this is as a result of its electrical conductivity and optical transparency. ITO coated glass are mostly used as conductive substrates in different types of applications such as bio-sensors and solar cells. Customers looking forward to purchase ITO glass can contact MSE Supplies via their website for custom made ITO patterns.

About MSE Supplies
MSE Supplies is a supplier of high-quality materials used for research and production, such as graphene powders, graphene films and monolayer graphene oxide products. Customers looking for where to buy graphene oxide products can contact MSE Supplies, and can be sure to save 50% or more compared to the ones offered by other re-sellers.

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