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Multiple Scleroris or Mercury Poisoning; A Glimpse of Maria Indermuhle's Story

Are amalgam fillings composed of mercury mixed with silver, copper, and tin, safe to use?


McAllen, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2014 -- For Maria Indermuhle of Switzerland, getting dental fillings three years ago started a horrible nightmare in her life. Three years after she had her dental fillings, she began experiencing strange sensations in her legs, which led her inability to walk, numbness in her hands, lost of vision, slurred speech, and heart palpitations. The culprit – mercury poisoning.

Maria does not remember being in contact with mercury other than the time she had her dental fillings fitted. And it was before she got married. Doctors diagnosed Maria with a lifelong crippling illness multiple sclerosis. This crashed her world given the fact she can no longer experience motherhood due to her inability to walk and a lifelong that will be spent on medication.

Maria even recalled that three weeks before getting married with her husband Jacques Indermuhle, a number of mercury fillings were inserted by an NHS Dentist. Feeling something was wrong after the said treatment, she immediately reported the case to her dentist only for her dentist to inform her that it was nothing to worry about. Six weeks after the said incidence, she totally lost her sense of taste. Getting a number of treatments, Maria almost lost hope.

Multiple Sclerosis or Mercury Poisoning?

Until one day, Maria realized that possibly, it might not be multiple sclerosis that’s crippling her and giving her the wrath of her life. She consulted a doctor in Switzerland who does metal testing and she later on found out that her illness is due to mercury poisoning. She reported the case to NHS Highland who gave her the dental treatment but as of this date, NHS has not admitted responsibility on Maria’s case. The Scottish Government, having a belief on the safety of amalgam fillings, says that this view is being supported by other UK health departments and the British Dental Association. Their spokesman said, “'If there is a proven allergic reaction to a constituent metal of an amalgam filling which is causing oral symptoms for the patient, a consultant may recommend replacement of the amalgam fillings. This is quite rare and fewer than 0.04 per cent of the 1,007,169 fillings placed in 2012-13 were removed on the recommendation of a consultant.”

What is Mercury Poisoning?

Mercury poisoning, over the years, is used to make amalgams. This has been a common practice in dentistry in creating fillings where mercury is being combined with silver, tin, and copper. Though it is safe to use, according to dental practitioners, high exposure to mercury can develop mercury poisoning as mercury is a heavy metal that produces toxic effects when used or taken in high doses. Mercury poisoning symptoms include loss of vision, hearing, or speech, lack of coordination, muscle twitching, tremors, headache, weakness, itching or burning, skin discoloration, profuse sweating, faster than normal heartbeat, high blood pressure, mood swings, nervousness and irritability, and insomnia.

Mercury poisoning is also thought to be linked to mental health problems. Tracing back in history, the “Mad Hatter” phrase came from the notion that the use of mercury in making hats caused the people who wore them to suffer from mental health issues.

Maria’s Lessons

Maria said it is quite interesting amidst the awful reality that there might be people who are diagnosed to have multiple sclerosis but are being poisoned by mercury. Both illnesses have the same symptoms and this must serve as a lesson and as a ground for medical practitioners to closely diagnose a patient’s case before arriving at a certain condition about his medical condition. And if someone is confirmed to be poisoned by mercury, it is crucial that the mercury fillings be removed safely.

Taking in certain natural treatments, undergoing an intensive detox, and of course, seeking professional help of the best dentist in McAllen, Texas who is an expert in the field of dentistry like Xpress Dental are all pivotal in making sure that anyone who has the same experience as Maria be back on track, both in health and in living a normal life.

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