Conscious Music Entertainment

Nashville Music Professional Songwriter Business Owner Joins Musik and Film Cinderella Out Of The Box Records Team As VP Of Label Promotions


Nashville, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2012 -- Milliea Taylor McKinney, is an accomplished award winning songwriter, and music professional. Her experience in the music industry has allowed her to work with some amazing professionals in the industry.

Focused on all areas, and facets of the music industry she now has earned the reputation as a music industry guru.

Currently Partnering up with her very good friend, and now partner, 'Five time promoter of the year, and former VP to MCA Records' Pat Melfi, in a social conscious movement to save the legacy of music education through his now Foundation; known as Muzart World Foundation. Her humanitarian goal to protect our youth, and their innocence through music lyrics is one she has earned great respect, and support in by her colleagues, and her peers in the music industry forming her own Talent Agency Artist Development Company, known as Conscious Music Entertainment.

Milliea's, ability to clone a song, and its lyrics is a mastery she has accomplished through out the years as a professional songwriter. Recently being honored with "Song Of The Year, and Honorable Mentions World Wide" 2011.

Her experience as a music industry entrepreneur, is vast, and wide serving as a Publisher, Promoter, Publicist, Songwriter, Record Producer, and Music Industry Collaborator. Her sources tell us the owners, of the very prestigious Music and Film, have just recruited Milliea, as the new VP of Publicity & Label Promotions for Music, and Film, and their affiliate company Cinderella, and Out Of The Box Records.

“Milliea, offers the best of her experience in helping to assist her clients to the next level in the very competitive field of entertainment. She specializes in artist development, and promotions, and she will drive you to the next unlocked door to accomplish your promotional goals” says, our source.

If you are looking for someone to kick down the doors of the music industry, she is definitely your gal.

Milliea, also known for her mentor ship to those teens that aspire to be such as Josie Passantino, who aspired to be a published songwriter, and artist with a label. Milliea was instrumental in making 16 year old Josie Passantino's, dream come true. Josie learned the songwriting artistry from Milliea, and went on to take vocal lessons from Muzart World Foundation supporter, and Vocal Coach, Gloria Brown. The end result was an album entitled 'Life and Love are Tricky.' signed with the Jandar label owned by Marsha Brown, of Brandon Hills Music Publishing & Jandar Records.

Milliea also, was instrumental in grooming the up and coming Motivational Speaker Lenore Luca, from the popular web talk show Teen Groove On The Move. Lenore, being able to gravitate into her role as the voice for teens everywhere. Lenore also, with her own magazine and CD' that inspires those that listens to its empowering message of being the best you can be, and making the most of the one life you do have.

Milliea's accomplishments have not always been surrounded by music. She has touched lives across the globe and many times through the web or, by phone such as with Mike Mosley, who is known, for his radio show ProFlow radio. Mike, aka Madd Maxx Heat Mosley, has been recruited by McKinney, to head her new radio program that will focus on the subject of education, and music. McKinney, says, 'Mike is the perfect choice, and example of how one can turn their life around and achieve big things if we believe, and work hard.' The show entitled, 'Lets get Conscious About Music.' is expected to go on air shortly and is also, expected to bring knowledge to those that have no idea of the impact music, and music lyrics have on society. Those wishing to learn more about Milliea, can visit her at: and