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Stockton, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2013 -- School Management of Natural Healing College Announced in the quarterly report that they have acquired 116 new students during the first quarter of current year 2013.

Stockton, California, April 1, 2013 Natural Healing College, an Online Holistic and Nutritional Health and Healing College, announced that the numbers of new students enrollments have doubled in the first quarter of 2013 in comparison to the same period of any of the previous years.

College spoke person also announced that most of the new students prefer to pay as they progress. The management also pleasantly declared that they have noticed that surprisingly over 15% of the students are still paying for the full program at the time of enrollment. That could be sign of better economy or higher confidence and faith in college management in the minds of students.

It is to note that Natural Healing College is the only privately owned holistic college that is willing to collect payment for one class at a time while all the other major colleges try to collect all the payment for the full program and student is at risk of losing all the money in a situation when a college closes their door.

Natural Healing College understands that risk factor and offers Pay-As-You-Go Payment Options so that students can pay for a class as they progress and that minimizes the risk and helps student gain more confidence in the college and its education. In spite of continued bad economical conditions, a higher number of new students are enrolling at Natural Healing College this year.

College spoke person also provided few details about the Holistic Natural Healing and Nutritional Healing Diploma Programs which are getting a lot more new enrollments this year.

Here are the details provided to the press: This year about 25% number of new students are enrolling in Master Herbalist Practitioners Diploma Program, about 33% in Holistic Health Practitioners Diploma Program, about 30% in Nutritional Consultants Diploma Program, and about 12% in Ayurvedic Health Practitioners Diploma Program.

Last year the college started a special type of Payment Plan for all these Natural and Holistic Diploma Programs. The payment program is known as Pay-As-You-Go and this option is in addition to making the full payment at the time of enrollment.

Please note that the college offers four Board Certified Diploma programs and all the education is offered online at

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Here is the college website with all the information about the Holistic and Alternative Health Programs and Courses being offered

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