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Nautical Ventures Group Buys Three Passenger Ferries from Exxon Mobil Energy for Resale to Mexican Ferry Service


Dania Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2017 -- Proving once again that they are a major player in the commercial & cruise ship brokerage industry, Nautical Ventures Group has purchased three commercial ferries from Exxon Mobil Energy. The three were bought in block for an undisclosed sum.

Exxon originally bought the ferries in 2013 for $6.3 million dollars and they were used to ferry 1.6 million passengers over 3-1/2 years, primarily carrying workers assigned to build the Hubron Project – a Gravity Based Structure (GBS) Oil Rig. The GBS was built in Bull Arm, Trinity Bay in Newfoundland before being towed to the offshore Hubron oil field.

"Our interest in buying these vessels comes from our waiting list of potential buyers around the world looking to add high quality ferries to their fleet, or to establish new ferry routes in their jurisdiction," states Roger Moore, CEO of Nautical Ventures Group. "These Exxon ferries were impeccably maintained, very well-built, are all in-class certified, and need little modification to be turnkey for the next owners."

Supporting this claim is the fact that all three ferries recently completed the 2,500-mile voyage from St. Johns, Newfoundland to Fort Lauderdale, Florida on their own bottom. It took 11 crew members 18-days to make the journey, stopping only twice to refuel. A Nor'easter off the coast of Nova Scotia brought on 15'-20' seas, and then again off Cape Hatteras.

"The trip down south really tested the mettle of these boats," Moore continues. "We knew we were acquiring well-built, well-maintained ferries, but making this 2,500-mile trek and arriving in perfect condition speaks volumes for these boats."

Currently, Nautical Ventures Group has several buyers in line which includes a business group looking to add ferry service between Cancun, Mexico and Isla de Mujores.

For more information, please call Roger Moore at 954-926-5250.

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