Neurofibromatosis Market Insights, Epidemiology and Market Forecast-2030

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Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/08/2020 -- (Albany, US) DelveInsight launched a new report on Neurofibromatosis Market Insights, Epidemiology and Market Forecast-2030

Some of the key facts of the report
1. Neurofibromatosis has been categorized into three distinct types:- NF1, NF2 and Schwannomatosis.
2. Neurofibromatosis (NF1) is the most common neurofibromatosis, occurring in 1 in 3,000 to 4,000 individuals in the United States.
3. NF1 occurs in one in every 3,000 children born.
4. NF2 is a rarer type, occurring in 1:25,000 people worldwide.
5. One of the types is Schwannomatosis, which occurs in 1:40,000 people.

Key benefits of the report
1. Neurofibromatosis market report covers a descriptive overview and comprehensive insight of the Neurofibromatosis epidemiology and Neurofibromatosis market in the 7 MM (the United States, EU5 (Germany, Spain, France, Italy, UK) & Japan.)
2. Neurofibromatosis market report provides insights on the current and emerging therapies.
3. Neurofibromatosis market report provides a global historical and forecasted market covering drug outreach in 7 MM.
4. Neurofibromatosis market report offers an edge that will help in developing business strategies by understanding trends shaping and driving the Neurofibromatosis market.

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"NF1 is a rare disorder, which affects males and females in equal numbers."

Neurofibromatosis treatment depends on the signs and symptoms present in each individual. For example, vestibular schwannomas are typically slow-growing tumors. When they start to cause symptoms, vestibular schwannomas are usually treated with surgery and less frequently, with radiation therapy. Other tumors associated with neurofibromatosis are also treated surgically, although Antineoplastic Agents, Corticosteroids Antihistamines may also be recommended in rare circumstances.

Antineoplastic agents such as Vincristine, cisplatin and Lomustine act by inhibiting the key factors responsible for neoplastic transformation of cells. Corticosteroids such as Prednisone have anti-inflammatory properties which cause profound and varied metabolic effects. Antihistamines such as Diphenhydramine may control itching by blocking effects of endogenously released histamine.

Treatment of symptomatic tumors:
- Surgical resection
- Rarely, radiation and chemotherapy may be recommended for treatment of disabling ependymomas
- Palliative chemotherapy for surgically unresectable ependymomas
- Erlotinib used in the treatment of unresectable, progressive vestibular schwannomas

At present, no competent medical therapies are known for neurofibromatosis and treatment does not assure complete cure and involves constant medication throughout the therapeutic course. There are certain shortcomings associated with the complete surgical resection. Surgeries can cure completely remove tumors but always have chances of nerve damage, whereas focused radiation therapy effectively reduces tumour size and minimizes the risk of acquiring paralysis. Drug therapy, in combination with chemotherapy, does not ascertain 100% effectivity and complete tumour removal.

The launch of the emerging therapies is expected to significantly impact Neurofibromatosis treatment scenario in the upcoming years:-
Drugs covered
1. Selumetinib
2. Binimetinib
3. PD-0325901
And many others

The key players in Neurofibromatosis market are:
1. AstraZeneca
2. Array Biopharma
3. SpringWorks Therapeutics
And many others

Table of contents
1. Report Introduction
2. Neurofibromatosis Market Overview at a Glance
3. Neurofibromatosis Disease Background and Overview
4. Neurofibromatosis Epidemiology and Patient Population
4.1. Assumptions and Caveats
4.2. Neurofibromatosis Geography-wise Prevalent Cases
4.3. United States
4.4. EU-5
4.4.1. Assumptions and Rationale
4.4.2. Germany
4.4.3. France
4.4.4. Italy
4.4.5. Spain
4.4.6. United Kingdom
4.5. Japan
5. Neurofibromatosis Treatments & Medical Practices
6. Key Emerging Therapies
6.1. Key Cross Competition
6.2. Selumetinib: AstraZeneca
6.3. Binimetinib: Array Biopharma
6.4. PD-0325901: SpringWorks Therapeutics
7. Neurofibromatosis Market Size
8. 7MM Neurofibromatosis: Country-Wise Market Analysis
8.1. United States Market Size
8.2. Germany Market Size
8.3. France Market Size
8.4. United Kingdom Market Size
8.5. Spain Market Size
8.6. Italy Market Size
8.7. Japan Market Size
9. Neurofibromatosis Report Methodology
10. Delveinsight Capabilities
11. Disclaimer
12. About DelveInsight

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