Nikon D7100 DLSR: Reasons Why This Easy to Use Camera Is Worth Upgrading


Hastings on Hudson, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2013 -- Nikon D7100 DLSR is a definitive DLSR camera that has features that can be upgraded to provide better performance. This DLSR camera has 24Mp sensor that allows users to share it with low-end D5200 and D3200. D7100 provides an exceptional performance even under low lighting situations and achieves lower ISO noise compared to other Nikon D-series. The improved sensor of this DLSR camera can move in experimented full frame D800E as well as remove optical low pass filters.

Upgrades on Nikon D7100 include moving 39 focus points to 52 and instead 15 sensors in cross type instead of 15. Also, the D700 HD video mode has 25 to 30fps instead of the 24fps that can be found in the previous models of Nikon D-series. The design and body of D7100 is much better compared to its predecessors. Its LCD screen has an increased sized from 3 inches to 3.2 inches. The rearranging of the DLSR back panel feature makes this upgrade possible without affecting the bulk of the camera. Also, some of the important buttons are combined and tweaked, making the control panel neat and easy to access.

The casing of D7100 nikon is slightly unchanged but offers better handling. The case of this model is rounded compared to previous ones. It has a rubber grip that provides easy and comfortable grip. Like the previous models, D7100 has dual SD card slots that let users to record images and videos with duplicates, split, or overflow between JPEG and RAW formats. The best thing about D7100 is that even if it undergoes upgrades and changes, it still keeps the exciting features of Nikon DLSR line-up.

What makes Nikon D7100 dslr camera a best buy is that it has magnesium alloy chassis with rubber coat that offer extreme durability than the polycarbonate chassis of previous models. This DLSR camera has a continuous drive that can deliver six frames per second when shooting in the JPG mode. The HD video options of this DLSR camera continue to improve and have incredible low-light speed performance that even other high-end DLSR camera brands cannot achieve. The ISO image quality of Nikon DPRS series is second to none and the release of D7100 makes it unsurpassable by any brands of DLRS today.

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