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Office Furniture Market Shows Areas of Growth: Bevlan Comments


Rishton, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/11/2015 -- According to recent statistics released in association with UBM, it is estimated that areas of the office furniture market is set to grow significantly between 2014-19, at a CAGR of 5.58%. This could be seen as indicatory of teleworkers (people working from home) taking increased interest in the equipment they use to work especially – as this is a key area where money and attention is being focused, indicatory of changing working habits. However, this is in itself expected to be part of a wider trend of people spending more money and thought on their working spaces – businesses included.

Therefore, the increase in the market could be as positive, highlighting crucial business investment. Interest in obtaining the optimum equipment for office spaces has increased over the years, along with the understanding of the importance of supportive equipment when sitting for long periods of time. Furthermore, businesses are expressing personality positivity by choosing furniture which not only is effective for employees – but expresses their business ethos. The rise of informal meetings and encouragement of potential clients to visit offices means that furniture really does matter. Furthermore, for home-workers, selecting good office furniture may be key to creating a mood of a working environment, yet in a domestic space.

About Bevlan
Bevlan are prime providers of a range of office furniture, including storage options. They are also frequent commentators on industry news and were quick to reflect on the latest statistics.

"The anticipated growth in the office furniture market is a big positive," A spokesperson said "As this suggests that businesses are really paying attention to their office interiors and the essentials of why this matters – for stability, comfort and style. This is obviously important to people who want to work from home too. The prospect of growth in the market means that the time has potentially never been better to invest in office furnishings. That is why we are determined to offer all our stock at accessible prices, so people really can feel the benefit this year – and for many to come!"

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