On VoiceAmerica, Global Thought Leaders Voice an International Call to Action


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2024 -- The Convergence, Empowerment Channel: https://www.voiceamerica.com/show/2610/the-convergence

VoiceAmerica Broadcast available 24-7 after posting March 1, 2024

This inspiring broadcast assembles global thought leaders and activists from an important International event "Awakening to Humanity's Sacred Mission: An International Symposium and Call to Action".

Originally suggested by two-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee Ervin Laszlo (from his latest book The Great Upshift [https://amzn.to/3PklmXB]) and co-sponsored by a dozen major international impact networks, this uniquely inspired online global event had @2500 attendees. It is also available now 24-7 online for ongoing viewing.

The event stands out due to its unprecedented global collaboration and its core focus on deep engagement. It serves as a worldwide rallying point for actionable steps and mass mobilization in transformative movements for the greater good. The link for ongoing viewing is: https://unity.earth/symposium-2024-global-broadcast/

The VoiceAmerica broadcast includes Ben Bowler, principal planner of the event, Jon Ramer, host of the event's interactive sessions and six attendees, Joni Carley, Charles Betterton, Stan Pokras, John Clausen, Kurt Krueger, and David Currie, all of whom, as you can see from their bio's on the Showpage here, are leaders widely engaged internationally, regionally and locally. This discussant group was gathered from a meeting of thought leaders and activists from The Prosocial Commons of Prosocial.world. Dr. Kurt Johnson is VoiceAmerica host.

A major take-away from the event was the distilling of key points of unity and activism centering on fourteen essentials
we could expect to see if indeed the world is awakening to this vital transformative work. These also summarize the work attendees of the global symposium are dedicated to in "radical collaboration". They are: Global Collaboration and Peace Initiatives; Reduction in Conflict and Violence; Equitable Distribution of Resources; Sustainable Environmental Practices; Cultural and Social Inclusivity; Global Health; Improvements; Educational Advancement and Access;Technological and Scientific Innovation for Good; Increased Civic Engagement and Participatory Governance; Psychological and Spiritual Growth; Resilience and Adaptability; Art and Creative Expression; Transparency and Accountability in Leadership; and Solidarity Movements and Activism.

Join us for this inspiring broadcast, and, revisit the amazing content from this international event at: https://unity.earth/symposium-2024-global-broadcast/

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