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One of the Best Self-Help Books Now Endorsed by Celebrities

‘How to be selfish’ goes viral


Bakersfield, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2013 -- Olga Levancuka’s ‘How to be selfish’ though the epicenter of endless controversies is one of the hottest selling books on the market. The book challenges the very notions of humanity by emphasizing on the importance of being selfish. What made the book extremely popular is the ‘in your face’ approach the author has used to state some of the bitter tasting realities of our times. The key focus of the author is to help readers understand the concept of investing in personal time.

In the latest news some celebrities too have found to have endorsed the book by showing their support. Music sensation Rihanna was found to have tweeted about learning how to be selfish and the British super model Kate Moss was found to be wearing a T shirt in support of this raving subject. Olga has researched a lot on this topic and her thoughts in this ever so honest book are reflective of this research that teaches readers how being selfish can not only help an individual but, also help two people save a sinking relationship.

While the common belief stands that giving is synonymous with caring, the author has something substantial to challenge this notion. And, the fact that the book was sold like hot cakes in millions till date and is also one of the most popular purchases on Amazon stands to show how amidst the controversies and the critiscm, readers evolved to be the better judge. Besides the book being claimed one of the best self-help books in the market today, for anyone looking for structural self-development, the book has plenty of insight to offer. To know more about Olga Levancuka and her best seller ‘How to be selfish’, visit website www.olgalevancuka.com

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