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San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2014 -- In the last few years we have witnessed the advance of e-commerce and a large number of U.S. grocers and retailers view their online circulars as an extension of their store experience. is a web portal where almost all major United States retailers weekly ads & circulars are gathered. Their online weekly offers are highlighted in the benefit of the shopper’s time and acquisitions.

More than 100 weekly ads, flyers, and circulars empower the shoppers with all the information they need to make the best shopping decisions. By adding coupons and real time details, these decisions become organized helpers of one’s budget.

The main purpose of the site is to help visitors save time and money and choose the products that can enhance their life style. It has an easy handling format being divided in the following categories: department stores & groceries.

The site gathers over 150 retailers and there are over 100 ads that are published on a weekly base for shoppers who are searching for the best offers from their favorite stores.

The true value that brings is the possibility of real savings of time and money, and the efficiency in having all the needed information in useful time. Having many options in each of the categories will ease up the check list for grocery, office, clothing, electronics, home, pharmacy, sports, toys. Keeping track of the weekly ads will prove to be friendly for the shopper’s optimal choice and will save the value of every minute.

When entering the site, the latest ad of the chosen store will be shown with the highlights of the editor. From there a redirection is accessible to the main page of the retailer for more details of the current deals. By giving the postal code, the ads will show exactly the offers for the desired location.

It’s easy, comfortable, and it will certainly help with shopping management and retrieving information in useful time. When subscribing, the shopper will be announced when the ads of the favorite stores appear.

Last but not least, there can be found on the site coupons that give the chance of important savings and inspired selection for stocks or just fast consumption.

The site is easy to handle having all the categories one needs and the favorite stores with their current ads, deals, discounts and coupons. Articles can be found about weekly ads or the once or twice a month circulars, see the choice products of the editor and also having the possibility to be redirected to the main page of the store.

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