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OUTXPRO's New Coiled EVA Insect Repellent Bracelet Is Receiving Solid Reception by Amazon Customers

Sharp increase in Sales of the Effective Mosquito Repellent


Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/10/2016 -- OUTXPRO™'s new coiled bracelet is getting a very warm reception from Amazon customers and looks to be heading for a high position as another big seller for the company. This mosquito repellent bracelet is a coiled design that can be easily used fishing, camping, back packing or anywhere that insect and mosquito protection is needed.

The bracelet is easy for anyone who has a hard time with snap on or tie on type insect repellent bracelets. Company reps feel confident that this new easy-to-wear style will be successful with the families and is also a nontoxic alternative to insecticide sprays and lotions.

Zika infections are expected to increase this summer in the United States. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has stated that insect repellents are a very effective method to keep mosquitoes under control and to control the spread of Zika (carried by mosquitoes). Certain species of mosquitoes transmit Zika to pregnant women and the unborn often experience birth defects, lately in epidemic proportions in Brazil and other places.

These EVA bracelets are DEET free and permeated with natural plant oils that repel insects, instead of dangerous chemicals found in many commercial products. Insects hate and avoid these plant oils though they are pleasant to people. Chemical insecticides have been known to cause side effects such as neurological problems and severe rashes.

The EVA Repellent Bracelet and sales information can be found on Amazon and at

This waterproof bracelet can be worn in any outdoor situation.

Rainer Diehl, president and founder of OUTXPRO ™ had this to say about the new repellent bracelet's popularity:

"We've seen this one really take off on Amazon, and rightly so. This is a very colorful bracelet that's easy to wear and automatically adjusts to anyone's wrist—so families have really taken to it, kids simply love it. But of course, that's not the best part; it's a great way to protect your family from insect bites and the Zika virus."

Benefits and features:

DEET and chemical free
Adjusts instantly when put on
Waterproof so it won't slow down the summer fun
Repels many different species of insects
Zika virus protection

Product available on Amazon:

R & D Products LLC, 19C Trolley Square, Wilmington, DE 19806, 231-369-2608

OUTXPRO™ is dedicated to helping its customers eradicate annoying insect and animal pests and do so without dangerous chemicals. At OUTXPRO™ we strive to create innovative products and informative articles to help people combat pests so that they can enjoy their time outdoors and protect their families indoors too.

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