Joe Bragg Extends Its Reviews of the Most Popular Vaporizers


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2012 -- Smoking a herbal product is generally regarded as being less harsh on the lungs than tobacco, but anything that is combusted and smoked will cause tar and other harmful carcinogens to build up in the lungs. Vaporizers are designed to solve this problem. They heat herbs up enough to emit the active ingredients as an inhalable gas, but without creating the abundance of tar and other chemicals that are found in smoke. As consumers become more health conscious, vaporizers are becoming very popular.

One website that is getting a lot of attention in this area is, an online collection of vaporizer reviews. The site features impartial and in depth reviews of the most popular vaporizer devices on the market.

A large number of vaporizers are evaluated on the site, including famous names in the vaporizer world such as Hot Box and Da Buddah. The site reviews both portable battery or butane operated vaporizers and home based plug in models.

Each vaporizer review is extremely thorough with each product tested so the writer is well acquainted with the attributes of each product. They are evaluated impartially, with weaknesses as well as strengths described in full.

Each review is accompanied with several high quality digital images, and there is often video content demonstrating the use of the device.

A spokesperson for the website said:

“More and more smokers are turning to vaporizers these days, not only because of the manifold health benefits as opposed to smoking, but because vaporizing actually delivers a superior experience. Vapor tastes a lot better than smoke and can be taken into the lungs much easier. It doesn’t catch on the throat or make people cough. It’s also incredibly economical because it can also help get the maximum amount of active ingredients out of the herb. With vaporizer devices for every budget, it’s no wonder that vaporizing is more popular than ever. However there are a huge number of devices on the market, and it can be difficult to decide which is the best vaporizer. That’s where we come in. We rigorously evaluate all of the most popular vaporizers on the market, and outline their strengths and weaknesses in our reviews. We have just released another four reviews and this is a constant process as new vaporizers come onto the market.”

About is a new site that reviews the top vaporizers on the market. It is aimed at those who are in the market for a vaporizer but are unsure which one to buy.

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