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Palmetto Family Orthodontics Launches a New Educational Invisalign Website

Individuals receive a free $250 initial consultation for patients who want to learn more about this treatment option, announces


Greenville, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/15/2015 -- Palmetto Family Orthodontics proudly announces the launch of a new website to educate patients and the public about the numerous benefits of Invisalign. Patients love Invisalign, as this treatment option eradicates many of the downsides traditionally associated with orthodontic treatment. Individuals wishing to Learn More can visit this website and then contact the office for a free initial consultation, a $250 value.

"Straighten teeth invisibly with the help of the Invisalign aligners. The clear, removable aligners don't make use of metal wire or braces, thus others don't know any orthodontic work is being done and this treatment option has been proven effective in clinical research and in everyday use by patients," Dr. David "Trecy" Watson, spokesperson for Palmetto Family Orthodontics, declares.

Patients wear a set of aligners for a two week period, removing the aligners only when eating and drinking or caring for their teeth. Each new set of aligners moves the teeth slightly more, until they have straightened to the desired position, as determined by the orthodontist. Although certain individuals cannot make use of these aligners, the majority of patients find they benefit from this type of treatment.

"One major benefit of choosing Invisalign aligners is the aligners are removed to treat the teeth. This allows for better oral care, a problem with traditional braces. As oral care has been closely linked to overall health, patients should never disregard this benefit when considering the many options available for straightening the teeth," Dr. Watson continues.

To ensure the aligners fit properly and provide the desired results, x-rays, pictures and impressions must be taken of the teeth, as these items are used to create a digital 3-D image which the doctor uses to create the treatment plan. Custom-made, clear aligners are then created specifically for the patient, using a comfortable and smooth, BPA-free plastic. This helps to ensure the gums and cheeks aren't irritated, as they often are with metal braces. Aligners are worn for approximately 20 to 22 hours each day to move the teeth.

"Numerous patients benefit from the use of Invisalign. Speak to the dentist today to learn more about Invisalign in Greenville and determine if this option will be of help to you. As the aligners are clear, many who have avoided conventional braces in the past due to their unattractive appearance find they can have the smile they dream of. The sooner you speak to a dentist, the sooner a beautiful smile can be had," Dr. Watson states.

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Dr. David "Trecy" Watson and Dr. Rush-Baker Caldwell provide treatment for patients at Palmetto Family Orthodontics. Both gentlemen are from the Greenville area and are happy to assist patients in finding the right treatment option for their unique needs.