Paul Conrathe

Paul Conrathe - a Senior Human Rights Solicitor, Ensures Protection of Human Rights of Individuals in the UK


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2021 -- Paul Conrathe, a senior human rights solicitor, ensures the protection of human rights of individuals in the UK. His practice includes a wide variety of human rights cases, including those involving mistreatment by prison guards and prison conditions, deaths in custody and unlawful detention. He has a special interest in children's human rights and his experience includes representing children who have been detained in secure training centres and young offender's institutions. Paul Conrathe has the expertise you need to build a strong case and will fight to get you the justice you deserve.

Paul Conrathe has extensive knowledge in preparing applications, appeals, and judicial reviews to protect the individual human rights of people living in the UK. He conducts pioneering human rights legal work, at every level of court, on behalf of both individual and institutional claimants. He has been listed in many independent directories that give them edger over other human rights solicitors in the nation. His cases have become an important part of various curriculums due to his excellent work in the human rights field.

Talking about human rights protection, Paul Conrathe said in a statement, ""Human rights laws provide equal rights and freedom to every individual. In the UK, human rights laws are a foundation of liberal democracy where all citizens are equal and can stand up to power and challenge governments and public authorities when they get it wrong. Human rights laws represent key values in our society such as fairness, dignity, equality, and respect. I am committed to giving the best legal advice setting your matter with minimal fuss or aggravation."

Paul Conrathe is one of the most well-renowned human rights lawyers in the UK. He has been protecting the rights of people for many years now. The solicitor has done a pioneering job at ensuring the human rights are protected from any infringement. Mr. Conrathe's work has had a national impact and he was The Times Lawyer of the Week. Advocating for the rights of people with disabilities, Paul Conrathe set up an autism centre in Saudi Arabia.

About Paul Conrathe- Human Rights Solicitor
Paul Conrathe is a leading human rights solicitor based in London, UK. He consults and advices on a variety of human rights laws such as freedom of speech and the rights of the individual. His work had a national impact and he was The Times Lawyer of the Week. He worked for some of the leading legal firms in the UK. He also owns a group of specialist schools specialising in the education of children and young people with autism.

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