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Personal Training Course with Sports Emphasis from Wexford University


Rancho Santa Margarita, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2014 -- For personal trainers, there can be no ground as ripe as the sports industry for business endeavors. Nearly every sport, be it basketball or soccer, requires the sportsman to remain fit and on top of their game. For this purpose, all athletes tend to appoint personal trainers (who know their sports) to keep them active and in good physical shape so that they can give their 100% in the field.

It has become almost necessary for personal trainers to know how to train sports professionals, and Wexford University’s personal training certificate will provide aspiring trainers with the vital expertise.

Wexford University’s personal training certificate with an emphasis in sports performance is an online course that allows students to progress at a pace suitable to them while saving money on regular universities.

The university’s teaching style is similar to a live lecture with professionals at the rostrum. It allows its students to break out of the four-walled traditional classroom atmosphere and venture out in to the open. The course has been set up by top professionals that live and breathe the personal training industry and are aware of everything there is to know about it.

The fourteen module learning program will include online video learning, textbooks and most importantly, it will include a separate comprehensive sports performance module. It provides learners with know-how of the most essential aspects of sports training like nutrition, exercise techniques and flexibility. Modules on exercise physiology, biomechanics and sports conditioning are also taught, thus ensuring that students become familiar with all aspects of a sportsman’s training regime.

Graduates from Wexford University’s personal training program go out in to the market that they love and can enjoy helping their clients get in shape every day. Moreover, the course also teaches its students how to build a distinctive label for themselves and different business tactics so that the learners can gain monetary success doing just what they love to do.

Taking advantage of that, the certificate holders can launch their own gyms, fitness and sports conditioning centers. If not that, then they can train other fitness enthusiasts, sportsmen or special populations.

Online brand building will allow learners to start a career on the internet; they can start their own blogs, YouTube channels on fitness or even venture on to television. In simpler words Wexford University’s degree will help fitness maniacs to live their dreams and earn money at the same time. Interested people can find further details at

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