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Pets Get the Best Ranks and Reviews Top Dog Beds in Two Rapidly Growing Categories

In just-published new features, site's reviewers analyze and rank top outdoor dog beds, along with the best and most affordable memory foam beds, Pets Get The Best reports


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/02/2015 -- Pets Get the Best, a leading source of information about and reviews of pet products of all kinds, published two new rankings of the top dog beds in a pair of popular categories. The brand new list at highlights the five outdoor dog beds that stood up best to the rigorous testing employed by Pets Get The Best reviewers. The new rankings at detail the five top performers in the rapidly expanding category of affordable indoor memory-foam dog beds. As with all of the site's resources, the new top-five lists focus on helping pet owners filter through the bewildering array of options on the market today to ensure that their Pets Get The Best.

"Dog beds have come a long way in recent years," Pets Get The Best representative Mike Donaldson said, "Our new rankings put a spotlight on the best products in a couple of the most popular dog bed categories right now. We found a number of terrific options for dogs who need a cozy, comfortable place to sleep outside. We were just as impressed with what we discovered on the affordable end of the memory-foam dog bed market, with some really compelling products competing to keep pets well rested."

With the overall U.S. pet products industry worth over $60 billion at present, according to the American Pet Products Association, spending on pet accessories and supplies accounts for a substantial portion of that sum. In fact, Americans spend nearly as much on pet toys, beds, over-the-counter medicines, collars, and other supplies as they do on veterinary care each year, on average.

That high level of demand means that pet owners face a dizzying number of options when they seek out new accessories for their beloved animal companions. Pets Get The Best was founded specifically to make the process of buying any kind of pet supplies or accessories far easier by providing reliable, unbiased information and analysis that can help pet owners pick out the best products for their pets.

This can be seen in the brand-new Pets Get The Best rankings of dog beds in two popular categories. As so many dogs are eager to spend as much time as possible outside, manufacturers have, in recent years, increasingly begun offering beds designed to withstand the conditions found there. With interest in such beds among site visitors already high and rising quickly, Pets Get The Best reviewers sorted through many of the products of this kind on the market today.

In the end, they came away with five top contenders, crowning offerings from Coolaroo and K&H the winner and runner-up, respectively, with three more strong choices following closely behind. Pets Get The Best reviewers were just as happy with the products they analyzed from among the low-cost memory-foam dog beds that are now available, with an economical bed from highly regarded maker PAW taking the top prize.

In addition to the rankings themselves, visitors to Pets Get The Best will also find an extensive, detailed new review for every product that placed in the top five in each of the categories. The new rankings and reviews join a wealth of equally valuable, useful resources regarding other pet products at Pets Get The Best, where new content is published regularly.

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