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Pharmacovigilance Jobs/careers in the US – Professionals in High Demand to Ensure Public Safety Remains a Priority


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2020 -- In the US medical professionals are responsible for ensuring the public safety when it comes to the usage of healthcare products and drugs, this has been the case for over 170 years. Despite this more than 50% of medicines which are prescribed, dispensed or sold are done so incorrectly and 50% of patients fail to take their medication appropriately, according to a report in 2018 by the World Health Organization. This huge figure emphasises the necessity of pharmacovigilance professionals who are highly skilled in their jobs and have the ability to make positive changes to the industry. Doctors are largely expected to take part in the pharmacovigilance system to report misuses or adverse-events caused by drugs, however, due to many reasons, particularly an oversubscribed medical system in the US means that only 5% of doctors are estimated to participate. EPM Scientific are working alongside many pharmaceutical corporations in the US in cities from the west to east coast including: New York, Chicago, Boston, Charlotte, Dallas, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Established in 2012, EPM Scientific are the number one life sciences recruitment agency in the US. The firm offers permanent, contract and multi-hire recruitment solutions to a number of specialist sectors including pharmacovigilance, research and development, medical communications, biometrics, clinical operations and much more. The firm have 750+ employees and consultants who called 12+ office locations worldwide home. Their global reach extends to 60+ mid-to-senior professionals and their bespoke recruitment solutions include a unique service of market insights and risk information to ensure smart hiring decisions. The firm have invested heavily in the regular training of their consultants in the best-in-class recruitment technology which will ensure optimal results are achieved for every candidate and client choosing EPM Scientific as their recruitment agency. EPM Scientific work with a large portfolio of companies who range in size from agile start-ups to global powerhouses. As part of the Phaidon International group, the firm are the chosen recruitment partner for 71 world-leading companies. EPM Scientific's consultants are passionate about what they do and are experts in their chosen field, they are committed to supporting each candidate through every stage of the recruitment process from source through to hire.

The average spend on pharmacovigilance in the US was $16m per year, as stated in a recent report by Cutting Edge Information. The opportunity for career opportunity and progression is high at the moment in the US, despite the recent disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Pharmacovigilance has been brought into the spotlight as members of the public are becoming hyper-aware of the importance of certain drugs and medicines to the functioning of their daily lives. The market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of above 12.8% between 2019-2026, meaning the job market is promising.

Roles currently available through EPM Scientific include: laboratory technician, QA specialist II – validation, GMP buyer – accounts payable specialist, site quality assurance director, senior technical R&D scientist, R&D project manager clinical IT & systems and director of global oncology marketing. Get in touch to discover how EPM Scientific can help you find the right talent or outline your next career step.

"During uncertain times, EPM Scientific offers reassurance. Crises come in many different forms – financial crashes, oil gluts, and now a global pandemic", commented Luis Rolm, Global Marketing Director at EPM Scientific. He went on to say, "Yet, whatever the challenge, we remain steadfast in our service. We continue to offer guidance to clients in the Pharmacovigilance sector and help them secure top talent."

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