PlanetHospital Announced Today That It Has Started Offering Surrogacy in Mexico for Straight and Gay Clients


Calabasas, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/08/2013 -- Medical Tourism and Surrogacy pioneers PlanetHopspital announced today that it has started offering surrogacy in Mexico for straight and gay clients. This is welcome relief to those who had hoped to start surrogacy in India until that country's surrogacy laws had changed; banning surrogacy for homosexuals, single people, unmarried couples, or those who have been married for less than two years. While India was once seen as the only affordable option for many couples looking to have a baby affordably, many of these couples were hit hard when the news of the current law changes were released. PlanetHospital was quick to step in and find a solution and make sure that those who have been eager to start a new family wouldn’t have to put those plans on hold. That is where Mexico has come into place.

"We are very excited by Mexican surrogacy." Declared Rudy Rupak, founder and CEO of PlanetHospital. We have already attracted a large number of clients from all over the World to Mexico for surrogacy including "would-be" parents from Australia, Malta, Canada, the Caribbean and of course the US. One of the greatest appeals about surrogacy in Mexico is its obvious proximity to the US. With many law changes in India Mexico has been the best solution and we are one of the only companies that is able to offer this!

The prices for surrogacy in Mexico are less than $40,000 and donors can start at $5,000. These prices are of course a bit higher than India but there are still many advantages to Mexico. If you take into consideration that the travel to Mexico is less than travel to India and the time for travel is significantly less. It is also important to note that Mexico has no visa hassles, unlike India where often times the process involved a bureaucratic nightmare of passport and exit visa which meant the average stay would be five weeks in India as opposed to two to three weeks in Mexico. Another advantage Mexico has over India is with egg donors. Mexican egg donors tend to be a lot more Caucasian and have features that Westerners appreciate. With prices ranging from $5,000, the need for flying a donor from the US or elsewhere was no longer required thus resulting in a significant savings for would-be parents who need egg donors. Another option is to create embryos in ones home country and then ship the embryos to Mexico. This was not possible to achieve in India the shipment of semen and embryos was not allowed.

About PlanetHospital
Los Angeles based PlanetHospital has been in business since 2002 and has been doing surrogacy since 2006. They were the first to offer surrogacy in India and first to do gay surrogacy overseas as well as surrogacy for an HIV+ patient. they have assisted over 600 would be parents to date.

Planethospital has been featured as expert speakers on medical tourism and surrogacy topics by ABC News, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNBC, CNN, Good Housekeeping and many others. They are the leader in surrogacy and medical tourism. For more information on how PlanetHospital can help you with surrogacy in Mexico please visit their website at .

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