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Polyaspartic Coatings by HP Spartacote Offer New Benefits to Concrete Floor Coating Projects


Golden, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2012 -- Polyaspartic polyurea, a new concrete floor coating and sealer, is gaining popularity in the contracting world due to its wonderful qualities. The floor coating, which can be applied at almost every temperature, bonds well with concrete surfaces quickly and is flexible, durable, and resistant to UV qualities.

For years, concrete floor coating systems company HP Spartacote® has been supplying contractors, governments, and developers across the world with polyaspartic covers. HP Spartacote®’s protective coatings have been used in bridge and highway, rail, industrial flooring, ground and waterworks, architectural steel, and yacht projects, just to name a few. The company has been creating quite a buzz lately for their high-performance polyaspartic coatings, which is a part of their goal to stay abreast of current marketplace trends.

The protective coatings supplied by HP Spartacote® have been proven to be adhesive and corrosion and chemical resistant. The company is well known for their use of moisture cure coating techniques to create products that can withstand any climate, including “temperatures well below that of standard epoxies and urethanes,” and that can dry at any temperature.

Polyaspartic top coats are also green friendly due to their strength and durability. The coatings can be replaced less often than their competitors’, while simultaneously increasing the life span of the structure it is applied to. Polyaspartic topcoats are also very safe, and provide support to areas where traction is key. The adhesion applied to the surfaces, especially concrete and steel, by the product has often been referred to as superior.

Clients that choose to have contractors install HP Spartacote® polyaspartic covers enjoy saving time and money. HP Spartacote®’s polyaspartic coats return to full on service in just one day due to the coating’s quick drying ability, plus the company completes projects for reasonable rates.

All of HP Spartacote®’s floor coating products are available for viewing on their website. The company welcomes any questions that clients may have about their products, and encourages all clients to contact them using the available form.

About HP Spartacote
Located in Golden Colorado, HP Spartacote® is a manufacturer of high performance polyaspartic concrete floor coating systems. The company services commercial and industrial coatings contractors, governments, and developers throughout the world. HP Spartacote® works closely with facility managers and architects to specify highly durable and sustainable coating solutions for a range of applications, offering expert consultation from design through completion. For more information, please visit http://www.hpspartacote.com