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Pouring the Big Bucks: New Book Serves Up Secrets and Techniques of Lucrative Private Party Bartending

Designed and written by professional mixologist, Steven Prince, ‘How to make Big Buck$ Bartending at Private Partie$’ serves as a how-to guide to one of the most profitable yet ignored facets of the bartending industry. Taking readers from compelling arguments as to why private party bartending beats ‘regular’ bar work through to a concrete action plan for launching their new business, Prince is shaking up the industry with gusto.


Bronx, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2014 -- While hundreds of thousands of Americans are bartenders, most are led to believe that working ‘regular’ restaurants and watering holes are the best outlet for both their creativity and their bank accounts. However, an insightful and inspirational new book from Steven Prince proves that private party bartending is actually the double-shot required for lucrative success.

‘How to make Big Buck$ Bartending at Private Partie$’ is the first book of its kind; giving readers with no previous experience everything they need to launch a profitable career bartending for private events.

“It’s the underpublicized secret of the bartending industry,” says Prince, a graduate of the Academy of Professional Bartending. “I started off behind a regular bar but, as I began to work at private parties I became acutely aware of my ability to not only meet a diverse range of people and increase my skills as an entertainer – but dramatically increase the amount of money I could make.”

Continuing, “Plenty of books discuss general bartending, but hardly anything exists in the area of working at private parties. So, I’m filling the gap.”


Tip$ and Techniques that will give you the experience that will put you on top of the Private Party Bartending Stage! Everything you need to know in order to become the skillful and 'Back by Popular Demand' Bartender!

Readers will discover:

-The difference between private party bartending and bartending in a bar...
-Different parties and themes...
-How to negotiate the price by asking the right questions and adding value first...
-Setting up your bar and drink list...
-The one lucrative $kill you must learn.

“There are big differences to working private parties compared to regular bar work and my book explains them all. It also gives readers a concrete plan to ensure they make the most of opportunities such as setting lucrative and deserving fees, through to the ever-important processes of building a network of contacts and developing a brand around their work and personality. In all, it’s a great cocktail for success,” Prince adds.

To date, the book has garnered extremely positive reviews.

"I have learned so much from reading ' How to make Big Buck$ Bartending at Private Partie$'. I have experienced hands on training with Steven Prince at parties and he has the patience and grace to teach me and handle a party of 200 people. He tells me he is so impressed with all that I have learned and applied!” says JJ.

Wanda Rodriguez adds, “After reading "How to make Big Buck$ Bartending at Private Partie$" I learned so much more. Steven wrote the eBook in such a manner that everything pours right into your cup of knowledge.”

‘How to make Big Buck$ Bartending at Private Partie$’ is available now. For more information and to get free access to the book’s first chapter, visit: http://www.princeknowsbartending.com.

About Steven Prince
Steven Prince was born and raised in the Bronx. Steven Prince has been working in the medical field for over twenty years. He holds a black belt in the martial arts and has studied several styles for the past 32 years and also teaches kickboxing at the Fashion Institute of Technology.