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PRC Book Printing Service Now Offering Touch & Feel Board Books


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2014 -- PRC Book Printing Service is now offering touch and feel board books. Board books are specifically designed for children up to four years old. Pages made from thick paper stock are easier to turn and harder to tear. Board books are perfect for early childhood authors who use few words and geared more toward the illustrations. They can be produced in any fun shape or size to fit with the theme of the book including plants, animals, and vehicles. PRC Book Printing Service prints all books with soy ink to protect children and the environment.

Touch and feel is a method of hardcover book printing that adds an extra element to reading. Actual substances mentioned in the text are included in the book for children to touch, allowing them to use all their senses to learn about objects in their world. A recent example produced by PRC Book Printing Service is a board book about the dentist’s office. The page describing the dentist’s rubber gloves also includes a piece of glove material for the child to look at and feel.

The ability to produce board books is unique among book printing services. The process is very different from the manufacturing of standard books. Facilities that have not mastered the technique often produce board books that bow and curl over time. PRC Book Printing Service has specifically dedicated time to perfecting the method and producing some of the best board books in the industry.

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