Flat Earthers Predicting Invaders from Outer Lands

Conspiracy theorists are not all like and even the flat earthers disagree on fundamental principles. The Infinite Planers and the Flat Earthers disagree on what’s at the edge.

Seattle, WA -- (SBWire) -- 01/06/2020 --Conspiracy theorists from the Infinite Plane Society are gathering online to discuss the possibility of a future a visitation from another world. They believe that invasion is imminent from other "Earth ponds" which "are beyond Antarctica."

This belief is being encouraged by the Infinite Plane Society and many other websites known for covering unexplained flying objects and more. "We know there were hoards of references to major world events in movies and TV shows many years prior most major happening," said Tim Ozman, host of Infinite Plane Radio.

"Ufo visitations are definitely on the table," echoing the feelings of many Storm Area-51 enthusiasts.
"We now see these same types of mass references in everything from movies, tv, music lyrics now as to what's going to happen in the future. We believe they are an advanced civilization coming from Mars or possibly Sirius." Ozman said to his listeners during a late-night broadcast. They say the date of January 13th is encoded into television shows, movies, and news events.

Many Youtube channels are uploading videos sharing evidence of "predictive programming" in pop culture. Aliens from an advanced civilization have been a mainstay of science-fiction for decades giving conspiracy theorists added fuel for speculation. Here are pop culture references giving rise to their theory:

- The movie Red Dawn, the Illuminati Card Game, and other pop culture references indicate something big to happen in Seattle on 11/3

- S.O.S. became a worldwide standard distress signal on 11/3/1906--113 years ago

- Man in USA shirt staged a protest in front of White House and a bus numbered 113

- Most conspiracy theorists agree that the Seattle Space Needle and possibly a football stadium will be the focus of dramatic events to unfold.

- Japanese pop band World Order's music video that takes place in Seattle and is replete with hints about an upcoming event

It is believed that a light show in the sky will play a role as many of the movie references point to the coming spectacle. For more information contact Infinite Plane Radio at http://infiniteplaneradio.com.

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