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Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWire) -- 10/28/2020 --Neonatal salivary diagnostics researcher and expert Dr. Jill Maron has spent more than fifteen years caring for and studying premature and sick babies. "I fell in love with caring for babies," Maron tells Sharon Kleyne, host of the internationally syndicated The Power of Water® & Your Health sponsored by Nature's Tears® EyeMist®, FDA approved, naturally pH balanced water technology for acid mantle protection, on VoiceAmerica World Talk Radio & Apple iTunes.

Dr. Maron, who has called Boston home for most of her life, described a major challenge of her research and treatment focus. "One of the things I struggled with as a baby doctor was communicating with my patients because they can't tell us how they're feeling, telling us what hurts. It drove me into research to discover how I could give these babies a voice and help guide my path. Inspired me to focus over the last fifteen years on saliva, or spit, to discover platforms for diagnosis." When Kleyne asks her to educate us about her work, Dr. Maron says it includes two ongoing research studies, NIH sponsored trials aimed at integrating a salivary infectious screening platform (Salivary Profiling in Infants Treated for Suspected Sepsis-SPITSS) and an oral feeding readiness platform (Neonatal Oral-feeding Readiness in Salivary High-throughput diagnostics- NOuRISH).

Responding to Kleyne excellent question about the oral cavity, development of tone and saliva, Maron teaches that the premature babies she cares produce only small amounts saliva, or spit. "In my patients, we get literally one drop of saliva," Maron says, "and from there we're able to interrogate that saliva for a broad range of developmental signals, inflammatory signals; it's also a rich source of microbes. We can detect harmful organisms that could lead to infection. Saliva is providing us a window into the body, filtering blood, how the saliva changes week by week by week in these prematurely born babies. Our goal when we go into the neonatal intensive care units," Maron continues, "is to look at these babies as individuals and personalize the care we give them. One of the powers of Saliva for me is that I can monitor how they're developing and growing. I don't have to stick them for blood."

Kleyne asks Dr. Maron about studying saliva to better understand nutrition and addiction and Maron enthusiastically replies. "How do we understand babies who struggle to eat? How do we better take care of them as their speech emerges? In partnership with Dr. Emily Zimmerman at Northeastern University, we've been able to follow babies looking at salivary biomarkers that we believe are shared between the ability to eat and ultimately the ability for our speech to emerge." Maron stresses early recognition for early intervention.

Kleyne asks if a baby can become addicted to food. Maron believes that preferences for taste and smell can be passed on from parent to child, noting that the Hypothalamus in the brain houses both food sensors and drug receptors. Maron also adds insight about babies born to mothers addicted to drugs. "As we wean them off of drugs," says Maron, "we observe that the baby's addiction can be transferred on to food. One of the more significant findings in saliva of babies relates to the studies of the gut/brain access. Saliva is integral to communication between our stomach and brain, telling our brain when it's time to eat and when it's time to stop. Premature babies don't know when to eat and how to eat. They're functioning as if they're still in the womb. Over time however, their feeding skills will mature, and we can use saliva to monitor this progress."

Concluding their discussion, Kleyne asks Maron to comment on the importance of masking up during the current pandemic. "For COVID there is no question—please, please, please wear the mask. We need to protect each other and we need to protect ourselves. Wearing masks will keep us open and healthy."

"Even after this pandemic subsides," says Kleyne, "the mask may very well become a necessity in our culture at certain times of the year, as it has been in other cultures for a long time."

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Air Date: 19th October 2020

Guest: Dr. Jill Maron is a Professor of Pediatrics and Vice Chair of Pediatric Research at Tufts Children's Hospital, Boston, MA. Dr. Maron also serves as Executive Director of the Mother Infant Research Institute at Tufts Medical Center, a multi-disciplinary research enterprise conducting basic, translational and clinical science to advance maternal and newborn care.


LISTEN to the internationally syndicated The Power of Water® & Your Health sponsored by Nature's Tears® EyeMist®, FDA approved, naturally pH balanced water technology for acid mantle protection, on VoiceAmerica World Talk Radio & Apple iTunes. This program features Dr. Jill Maron, Professor of Pediatrics and Vice Chair of Pediatric Research at Tufts Children's Hospital, Boston, MA.

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