Reduce the Odds of Developing a Cavity

Cavities may inflict serious damage to the teeth and their size can vary. They progress into five stages of tooth decay, the first of which entails exposure of the tooth to bacterial acids caused by the ingestion of sugar and starch, with the last stage progressing to a possible abscess, sometimes culminating in substantial pain and worse.


Miami, FL -- (SBWire) -- 02/17/2021 --It's easier to find cavities before they turn more serious by inspecting the teeth for odd white patches. On a tooth, an early sign of decay is the discoloration that occurs, which means the tooth may have lost minerals. It could be thought of as a cavity warning sign that may evolve if there is a loss of extra minerals from the tooth and the enamel (the defensive outer layer of teeth) is damaged over time.

The basic trick is to be proactive to reduce the chances of eroding the enamel. One way to help reduce the chances of a cavity is to use nutrients from saliva. Be careful about sugary and starchy foods. Be extra conscious of what is being eaten and emphasize after-meal brushing, especially if sweet or sugary food and drink is being consumed.

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