Modern Cat Furniture Is Finally on the Menu Thanks to Modern Cat Designs

Tempe, AZ -- (SBWire) -- 04/30/2012 --Cat lovers are perhaps some of the most dedicated, caring pet owners to ever walk the earth. The bond most have with their cats is strong, so strong that the majority of cats do truly become part of the family.

The accessories and associated equipment that many invest in for their feline companions are significant; everything from beds to litter-boxes and everything in between. One of the challenges modern households face is the seamless integration of these products into the home aesthetic. Historically, the majority of pet furniture designers haven’t demonstrated much regard for the contemporary household or how their pet furniture will sit within it. Luckily, that’s begun to change.

The team at Modern Cat Designs have been capturing headlines of late, due to their ability to fuse practical and functional cat furniture with the modernity of vision that many homes today possess. By creating a wide range of products, including litter-boxes, beds and feeders all with both the cat and home owner firmly in mind, the minds behind are bringing feline furnishings firmly into the 21st century.

Recently, several of their products have been featured by media world-wide. The Litter Box Hider, for example, is perhaps the most impressive demonstration of how something as potentially coarse as a little box can be elevated to the point of becoming a true piece of modern cat furniture. Available in both brown wood finish and white, the Litter Box Hider has quickly become a favourite amongst both cats and cat enthusiasts everywhere.

Following up this success, the design team at Modern Cat Designs have also launched the next evolution of cat litter boxes. The Mox Litter Box concept is a re-imagining of the traditional little box format, creating a design that’s both effortless to use from a feline perspective yet unrecognisable as a little-box from a human point of view. A unique cylindrical appearance and top-opening design offer one of the most interesting and innovative takes on the litter box in a generation.

While the majority of buzz has been focused on the triumph of the litter boxes from Modern Cat Designs, the dedicated Modern Cat staff don’t rest on their laurels. Modern Cat Designs have also created an impressive range of ultra-modern cat beds, feeders and accessories. By ensuring cat owners can tailor the needs of their pet to fit in with the look of their home, both master and faithful feline can enjoy the best that modern cat furniture has to offer, all thanks to the team at Modern Cat Designs.

About Modern Cat Designs
Modern Cat Designs was founded four years ago with a mission to create functional and stylish cat furniture that easily fits into the modern home. By creating quality design that is at once both practical to use and easy on the eye, pet owners everywhere can enjoy their feline companions without the need to invest in unsightly furniture completely devoid of style. For more information, visit

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