New Ontario Car Loan Network Extends Those With Bad Credit a Helping Hand

Ontario, Canada -- (SBWire) -- 05/18/2012 --Many people make choices that they later regret, particularly in regards to money and finance. A large number of Canadian’s, during their reckless youth, make decisions about their money that unfortunately come back to haunt them later.

For those with black marks on their credit history, it can be a difficult process trying to obtain essential loans. Trying to borrow to purchase a car, for example, can be next to impossible for those who’ve previously experienced bankruptcy, defaults or even some late or missed payments on a previous loan. It’s a truism to say that everyone makes mistakes. It’s also widely agreed that, for the most part, people still deserve a second chance. That said, where can those looking to finance a vehicle find their second chance if the majority of lenders shut their doors to them?

The answer, it seems, is An Ontario-based network of lenders specialising in providing finance to those with credit difficulties, Approved Car Loan are experts in providing easy access to auto finance for people with even the most troubled of credit histories. In fact, if you’re employed the Approved Car Loan team guarantee they can assist.

Most traditional lenders operate using a set of rigid, non-flexible criteria with which to judge applicants suitability for a loan. Certain things in an applicant’s credit history, such as bankruptcy or defaults, for example, can cause lenders to reject these applications on the spot. Without seeking any more information on the matter or learning the applicant’s side of the story, the majority of lenders turn their backs on those with bad credit without a second thought., however, takes a different approach. Understanding that having access to a vehicle is essential for many people within Canada, the Approved Car Loan team are happy to go to bat for those with less-than-ideal credit backgrounds. Having forged successfully relationships with Canada’s top lenders over many years of business, is in a position to help anyone get access to top quality, competitive car loans.

So for all those who thought bad credit would hold them back for life, never fear; the dedicated team behind are willing to do whatever it takes to make the car ownership dreams of thousands of Canadian’s a reality. In less than 48 hours, Canadian’s can now go from bad credit to car owner, all thanks to Approved Car Loan. It doesn’t get much better than that!

About Approved Car Loan
Approved Car Loan is a professional network of Canadian lenders who specialise in sourcing finance for those with bad credit. Bankruptcy, proposal, collections, defaults and more, it’s all covered by the team at Approved Car Loan. As long as applicants are employed, the dedicated team at are happy to work hard on their behalf to achieve a great deal on automotive finance. At this stage, the Approved Car Loan team are proud to have a 100% approval rate. For more information, visit

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