Some AIDS Infected Prostitutes Knowingly Infecting Punters in Zimbabwe

Chauya Chauya: A Risky Life delves into the depth of human condition. A study into how poverty pushes some mothers to sell their bodies to feed their children risking their lives in the process.


Chineham, Hampshire -- (SBWire) -- 08/06/2012 --Some Zimbabwean Prostitutes have a what ever happens attitude when it comes to sleeping with clients without a condom. Most of them have faced the possibility of dying from Aids, which they consider as an occupational hazard. It is estimated that between 10 to 25 % of Zimbabwe’s population of 12.6 million has HIV/Aids. They are currently 1.2 million (2009 est) people living with HIV/Aids in Zimbabwe. ‘Why should I change if I find out I have got Aids, I will continue” Said Maude one of the Prostitutes that appeared in the Documentary Chauya Chauya – A Risky Life, when asked will she change her attitude if she finds out she has Aids.

Chauya Chauya: A Risky Life is a Documentary that delves into the depths of human condition. The Film is a study into the darkness of how poverty pushes some mothers to sell their bodies to feed their children risking their lives, partners and clientele in the process. This is the story of thousands of women working on the Aids infested streets of Zimbabwe camouflaged by the darkness of the night. Zimbabwe is a country with high unemployment rates and does not have welfare systems that support single mothers.

Prostitution is a soulless activity and most of the women on the streets of Zimbabwe end up having a Chauya Chauya (Whatever comes…comes) attitude. They feel hopeless and not in control of their destiny so sometimes they make choices that are detrimental to their future health. It’s disturbing how some men would foolishly offer a danger fee to sleep with a Prostitute without a condom. Chauya Chauya: A Risky Life looks at Prostitution and its implications on the women who work on the streets of Zimbabwe.

The choices they make to survive another day such as accepting danger fees, especially on nights when they are more girls competing for a few clients on the streets.  Different women talk candidly about why they got into this murky industry and dream of one day getting out. Working on the streets of Zimbabwe can be compared to living on death row as Aids constantly lurks in the dark, waiting to strike.

Goatfame Pictures, a Social Enterprise and Film Company produced the Documentary. Chauya Chauya: A Risky Life is a must see 69 minute gritty Film directed by A.A.V. Amasi, who has mostly worked on short format Films. Goatfame Pictures will use some of the proceeds from the sale of the Film to assist girls working as Prostitutes in Zimbabwe to acquire skills that will hopefully give them better choices.

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