Haphak America Urges Nation to Recognize Illegitimacy of Republican Party's Existence

The organization today announces its mission to minimize and ultimately defeat the Republican Party and the candidates that support their party’s subversive and anti-American, anti-constitutional tactics.

Tampa, FL -- (SBWire) -- 08/23/2012 --At a time when Tampa is preparing for the commencement of the RNC, one political activism group is publically questioning the Republican Party’s very existence.

Haphak America is committed to stop voter suppression, intentional repression of government worker negotiation rights and the use of special interest funds that are focusing the Republican Party in a direction that is contrary to the rights and interests of American citizens.

The group’s Founder explains more.

“Our mission is to expose that the sole national purpose of the Republican Party is not to act in the interests of American citizens, or even of its party members, but to defeat a sitting, duly elected president. This self-serving purpose should disqualify this party as a viable representation of the people it purports to serve,” says Cesar Ruiz who, at the age of twenty five, was the first Hispanic in the State of Massachusetts to hold public office.

He continues, “It is the intent of Haphak America to use the very ruling that Republicans created through the Supreme Court ruling of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, and use all legal resources at its disposal to create a positive and significant political change in all 50 states by 2016.”

The group plans to gain momentum through the use of multi-media messages and grassroots public support, with the ultimate goal of having citizens recognise that the Republic Party has ceased to become a legitimate political party in the United States.

“Complete reversals of previously long held positions of the Republican Party have made this goal of winning the presidency at all cost obvious. The party has abandoned long held values and implemented obstructionist policies that have assisted in the crippling of the economy, resulting in millions of jobs lost,” Ruiz adds.

It’s a common belief among many that the party has negatively evolved since the days of Abraham Lincoln, with Haphak America in the firm belief that the party has been abducted by evil; something which must be both challenged and extinguished.

“The Republican Party has clearly demonstrated they are no longer a viable political party interested in debate and exchange of positive ideas. They have become a subversive element by manipulating voter ID laws and rulings through their systematic strategy to disenfranchise 5 million voters, evident most recently in 3 key battle ground states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida, using these tactics to regain power,” Ruiz concludes.

Adding, “The Republican Party needs to go the way of the Whigs and make way for the emergence of another political party intent on working on the behalf of the American people.”

To learn more about the organization and to voice support, please visit: http://www.haphakamerica.org

Additional multi-media messages can also be found on Haphak America’s YouTube Channel.

About Cesar Ruiz
Cesar Ruiz (born August 9th, 1955) in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico became the first Hispanic in the State of Massachusetts in 1980 at the age of 25 to hold public office, when he was elected to the Springfield School Committee, in a joint convention of the Springfield City Council and the Springfield School Committee; to fill Maureen Wark’s 2 year unexpired term when then Governor Edward King appointed her to the Massachusetts Board of Regents.

In 1981 he ran for re-election city-wide winning a full four year term on the committee and serving until 1986. Upon his election he received an Official Citation from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, State Senate, in recognition of “Being the First Hispanic Popularly Elected Official in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Signed by President of the Senate; William M Bulger, attested by Edward B O’Neill Clerk of the Senate and Offered by Senator Martin Reilly on December 18, 1981.

In 1998 he ran unsuccessfully against the legendary State Representative Anthony Scibelli known as the Dean of the House in the 10th Hampden district democratic primary, losing by 341 votes.

He relocated to Tampa, Florida in 2000 where he still resides and works in the Mortgage Banking Industry as an Underwriter servicing major banking institutions.

He recently founded Haphak America because he could no longer stay silent and watch the continued injustices being perpetrated on the American People by the Republican Party and their representatives.

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