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New York, NY -- (SBWire) -- 09/08/2012 --A new video from internet millionaire Jeff Usner has been released on his website with golden insights on how to create freedom in business and get more benefits from a successful internet business apart from money. Learn the keys and top tricks on the new video from the pro.

Creating freedom in business is a concept promoted by internet millionaire Jeff Usner. It is very common for people to think of endless hours and long nights as requirements for building a successful internet business, but the internet millionaire who recently featured in ABC’s Secret Millionaire, has found the formula to generate income without getting strapped to a desk. This expert formula he now shares on his latest video released on

According to Jeff, creating a business that is centered around you will not work if you are not there. As it is, having systems in place to look after the business even in your absence is a must. In the new video shot in Costa Rica, the internet millionaire shares his early realizations on how important it is to create freedom in your business.

“One of my first businesses when I first started to learn this, I did not have any systems in place so when I started in that business when I was 23 years old, in a home based business, I started to create a really good income in that business but part of the benefits that I was looking for in the business when I dropped out of medical school was to create a business that I could have freedom and a lifestyle versus just making money. You know making a lot of money without a life to me is not a lifestyle. In my first few businesses, I had developed a really good business and I decided to take a few weeks off just to go live life and not be working all the time. I did that but when I came back my business was at a lot worse position than when I left.”

This experience taught the internet millionaire the importance of developing systems and put process in place so that the business will still run and be profitable and at the same time, it will give him time to have fun while making money. Jeff highlights the benefits of these systems, “You can have more time with your family. You can go and give more time and invest in other people. You can make a lot more money while working a lot less so when I was 23 I learned this lesson.”

Early on, the lack of systems did a terrible thing to his lifestyle and he talks in the video how his wife calls his computer his mistress because he was strapped to it endless. He says, “As you are building your business, your initial goal is making a thousand dollars, five thousand, ten thousand, but the problem is if you are doing this and you are sacrificing your family, your own physical life, or whatever it is that you like to do or be a part of, it’s just not worth it. Back in 2003, I was making hundreds of thousands a month but it was one of the most depressed parts of my life. But we’ve made changes and now we have multiple businesses that are making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month but we’ve created freedom.”

Jeff Usner is a leading online marketer, business consultant, mentor, and philanthropist. He has created numerous successful companies online and has been coming up with events and products that will help and train other marketers to do the same and work from home. His specialty is designing systems and processes that transform ordinary businesses into big money making successes immediately. Both new and old businesses benefit from his strategies and he is a living proof to the effectiveness of what he teaches.

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