Predicts a Glittering 2013 for Gold editor Doug Young is not phased by the recent falls in the price of gold, which he hints could be to do with market manipulation, and predicts a glittering 2013 for the yellow metal.

Tarzana, CA -- (SBWire) -- 01/02/2013 --The recent fall in the price of gold has given the jitters to some investors, but wrongly so according to Doug Young, long time gold investor and creator of the website .

“True, we’ve seen the price of gold fall around 5% of late but let’s not forget that even after these falls it’s still up 5% for the year and this will be the twelfth straight year of gains, which you can’t say about many investment assets these days” says Doug.

“What’s more I can’t see any reason why 2013 should be any different and I wouldn’t be surprised to see gold break through $2000 an ounce. You just have to look at some of the factors that drive the gold price. Gold thrives on uncertainty and there’s plenty of that in the pipeline, what with the Fiscal Cliff, the soaring US National Debt, the problems in Europe and the strong likelihood of more nations having their credit ratings reduced”.

Controversially perhaps Doug hinted that there might be some price manipulation going on at the moment. “The falls we have seen over the past week or so don’t make a lot of sense, suggesting that’s there’s more to it than meets the eye. We’ve seen a lot of selling during thin overnight trading which often happens when a big player is about to move into the market. That’s all I’m going to say on the subject” he said.

Doug created his website and more recently his Investing In Gold YouTube Channel to help first time gold investors.

“There is a misconception, in my opinion, that you invest in gold to make a profit”, says Doug. “But I don’t see it that way. Gold investment is all about preserving wealth, not building it. That’s why so many financial experts recommend nowadays that you include gold in your investment portfolio, to act as a hedge.

In the past it was perceived that investing in gold was a privilege restricted to the rich and famous but nowadays anyone can take advantage of this amazing investment opportunity. It’s just a matter of knowing what to do and the correct steps to take.

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Created by long time gold investor and specialist Doug Young, the YouTube Channel ‘InvestingInGoldGuy’ has a series of short videos offering tips to potential gold investors. For more information, visit

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Doug Young has been successfully trading and investing in gold since 2003 and created his website to pass on to potential gold investors a lot of the experience and contacts that he has gained along the way. He trades and invests as a private individual and his website is owned and was created by him personally and solely. He created his video channel as a platform to host short videos with gold investing tips.

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