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De Witt, NY -- (SBWire) -- 01/29/2013 --Sophie Benshitta Maven is the creator of the audio program Harmonize Your Vibration. She has generated a lot of results for clients through this audio. People sleep better, experience inner peace, their anxiety lifts, their procrastination leaves, and their vibration is growing steadily since they started to use the Harmonize Your Vibration audio. According to Sophie, the desire to raise one's vibrational frequency is an almost universal desire, that brings thousands of seekers to check out her programs. Most things, talking, meditation, courses, chakra healing, activator downloads didn't do the "trick" reliably. One day, she received guidance to create an audio, by herself, that allows people to join in her connection with Source... and the Harmonize Your Vibration audio is the result.

What is Vibration? Vibration is a measure. It is a measure of consciousness, it is a measure of well being, it is a measure to what degree you live in reality or in a make-believe reality that keeps you miserable, wanting, and anxiety-ridden.

The Harmonize Your Vibration audio does what it promises, it starts to change and harmonize your vibration to a much higher vibration where you are able to do things you currently can't. In the audio Sophie enters the highest vibration available to a human, the Avatar State. This high vibration starts to cause vibrational transformation for the listener: the Avatar State vibration is harmonizing your vibration. Said in another way, it starts lifting it, raising it. The Avatar State takes you closer to immortality, of inner peace, of purposefulness, of integrity, courage, and joy. Since Sophie released this audio, we've received requests to check out this audio and see if it is real or a fake. To answer the requests, the Vibrational Well-being Center has tested the audio with staff and customers of our own.

Testing the Harmonize Your Vibration by Vibrational Well-being Center: we found that this is an effective program. It seems to be useful for both newbie and experienced seekers of well-being and spirituality. The audio effects most any symptom that low vibration can cause: anxiety, anguish, fear, performance anxiety, social anxiety, procrastination, insomnia, nightmares, judgmentalness, busy mind, foggy mind, maybe even dyslexia... although we only had two dyslexic participants in the test, but both reported the lessening of the symptoms of dyslexia. The audio is relatively short, it is a 25 minute mp3-format downloadable audio file.

We found that the audio, played on a low volume on a computer through the headset was the most effective way to get the results, and the second most effective way was to play it on a small mp3 device, like a USB thumb-drive, and play it through the ear-buds. Both the computer and the USB devices have a setting for "looped audio" which means the same audio keeps on playing, 24/7 or until you turn it off.

Daniel Holmes head of the Vibrational Well-being Center says: "This audio, Harmonize Your Vibration, uses a yet unknown process of altering consciousness and vibration through being in the presence of someone in the connected Avatar State. I was delighted to see that our current knowledge of vibration and consciousness is in baby-shoes compared to where we could be: with the elevation of consciousness, with the raising of the vibration, both emotional and physical well-being is achieved by many of the participants, in as little as a few hours. My experience is that with regular usage of this audio, anyone can achieve a higher level of well-being, and with regular use they can raise their vibration to previously impossible levels, without any effort. The program sells with a 30-day money back guarantee, so there is no risk.”

If people are interested in taking themselves to a whole new level of well-being through playing an audio in the background, to get the benefits of Harmonize Your Vibration, they could visit our website: http://vibrationalwellbeing.com/harmonize-yourself-review/

For those, who wish to get a direct access should follow the official site.“

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