European Carbon Market Putting Upward Prices on Electric Rates

Disorganized, decentralized, and causing electricity tariffs to rise without even achieving their objective.

Lancashire, UK -- (SBWire) -- 02/08/2013 --Carbon credits were once thought to be the cost effective surefire way to lower reliance on fossil fuels. In the last few years the policy has proven itself to be an abject failure, as companies buy the credits, which amount to permits to allow themselves to kick change down the road. All the while passing on the costs to European business commercial consumers including those in the UK.

Business Electricity Prices aims to help corporate customers keep the cost of their energy, in the form of electricity and gas in check, despite several upward pressures on prices. Their online platform allows corporate clients to easily compare the costs of electricity from the leading power providers in the country. Some include SWALEC, British Gas, Atlantic Electric and Gas, and countrywide.

“The worst part about the carbon policy is not that it is raising the tariffs,” says a company spokesperson at Business Electricity Prices, “It is the fact it is raising the prices of electricity and doing absolutely nothing to reduce the amount of carbon we are emitting.”

Prices available today on the platform were 2.74 p / Kwh for Gas and 9.01 p / Kwh for electricity. Business commercial customers can enter their current bill information, including their gas and electricity consumption, and costs. The Business Electricity Prices platform then starts comparing in order to find them the most cost effective solution for their business. This includes the leading providers from all across the country.

“It gives UK business the power to make a difference in their own costs,” says the spokesperson, “It is not just the carbon credit debacle which is pushing rates up, it is cold weather, green energy investment, taxes, high executive pay, and on and on.”

The online platform at Business Electricity Prices allows business commercial customers to compare business electricity rates from different electricity providers. This allows them, “The power to make a difference.” Comparisons are designed to take into account both gas and electricity use, and evaluate the costs related to transmission and distribution tariffs. Through the use of the system corporate customers can save themselves several percentage points on their energy needs.

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