Adalberto Vazquez Provides Support with Food, Toys and Items for Homeless Dogs

Mexico City, Mexico -- (SBWire) -- 02/08/2013 --After two days of donations made in Mexico to help a group of dogs living in a shelter on the outskirts of the city, the campaign 'change their world' in its first phase concluded with the delivery of some food, toys pet grooming items and medicines, among others.

The leader of the campaign, Stephani Valen, welcomed the cooperation of citizens, with their input, contributed to 83 dogs found in the street, cured of their abuse or adaptation process, can have a decent life at home with a caregiver.

"It was a very nice initiative, much love, much love with these pets and Don Adalberto Vazquez Gomez that makes this work so nice to help open the doors of a home for these puppies to receive so much love to give them," said V for delivery.

For delivery, it took three trucks that transported the donations to a center where the house of Don Luis Enrique Su, a man of 72 years for six, pick up dogs abandoned, abused or stray, to give them a home.

"I am very grateful to the people who did this, I did not realize that God was going to bring it out of nowhere and I'm very happy that people want these animals as I do, that I have spent six years between difficult and pleasant moments with 'my children,'" said Luis Enrique Su.

Living with Dogs

The home of Don Luis Enrique is just meters from the road, but since he starts climbing the steep and rustic laying comes, one can hear the barking of their pets. Its 83 dogs.

It also feels his scent, taking into account the six years since the dogs home, the house located far from any standard.

About Adalberto Vazquez
Adalberto Vazquez commented in entry There are dogs that bark do deafen, there are dogs in the room who move their tails and jump on furniture, no dogs in the backyard where they have separate spaces to avoid fights, no dogs in the hall house blend into the darkness in the far, no dogs in the car of Don Luis who prefer the room to avoid the greatest. There are dogs in the cellar where he keeps the dog's food ... where you look.

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